Commit 57115338 authored by echicken's avatar echicken
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Changed call from filter() to forEach() on result of directory().

(This was a holdover from the long and intensive 15+ minute development
period this script went through.)
parent cb632e82
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ tree.colors.lbg = BG_CYAN;
tree.colors.kfg = LIGHTCYAN;
var longest = 0;
directory(system.exec_dir + '../xtrn/*', GLOB_ONLYDIR).filter(function (e) {
directory(system.exec_dir + '../xtrn/*', GLOB_ONLYDIR).forEach(function (e) {
const ini = e + '/install-xtrn.ini';
if (!file_exists(ini)) return;
const f = new File(ini);
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