Commit 5c1dd9fd authored by Deucе's avatar Deucе 👌🏾
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Fix some return types for SDL functions

parent 84eb116c
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......@@ -218,7 +218,7 @@ int load_sdl_funcs(struct sdlfuncs *sdlf)
int init_sdl_video(void)
char *drivername;
const char *drivername;
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ struct sdlfuncs {
void (HACK_HACK_HACK *Quit) (void);
int (HACK_HACK_HACK *PeepEvents) (SDL_Event *events, int numevents,
SDL_eventaction action, Uint32 minType, Uint32 maxType);
char *(HACK_HACK_HACK *GetCurrentVideoDriver) (void);
const char *(HACK_HACK_HACK *GetCurrentVideoDriver) (void);
Uint8 (HACK_HACK_HACK *EventState) (Uint32 type, int state);
SDL_Surface *(HACK_HACK_HACK *CreateRGBSurfaceFrom)(void *pixels, int width, int height, int depth, int pitch,
Uint32 Rmask, Uint32 Gmask, Uint32 Bmask, Uint32 Amask);
......@@ -41,14 +41,14 @@ struct sdlfuncs {
SDL_Keymod (HACK_HACK_HACK *GetModState) (void);
void (HACK_HACK_HACK *SetWindowSize) (SDL_Window *window, int w, int h);
void (HACK_HACK_HACK *DestroyTexture) (SDL_Texture *texture);
void (HACK_HACK_HACK *SetWindowFullscreen) (SDL_Window *window, Uint32 flags);
void (HACK_HACK_HACK *LockTexture) (SDL_Texture *texture, const SDL_Rect *rect, void **pixels, int *pitch);
int (HACK_HACK_HACK *SetWindowFullscreen) (SDL_Window *window, Uint32 flags);
int (HACK_HACK_HACK *LockTexture) (SDL_Texture *texture, const SDL_Rect *rect, void **pixels, int *pitch);
void (HACK_HACK_HACK *UnlockTexture) (SDL_Texture *texture);
void (HACK_HACK_HACK *QueryTexture) (SDL_Texture *texture, Uint32 *format, int *access, int *w, int *h);
int (HACK_HACK_HACK *QueryTexture) (SDL_Texture *texture, Uint32 *format, int *access, int *w, int *h);
void (HACK_HACK_HACK *GetWindowPosition) (SDL_Window *window, int *x, int *y);
void (HACK_HACK_HACK *SetWindowPosition) (SDL_Window *window, int x, int y);
void (HACK_HACK_HACK *SetWindowMinimumSize) (SDL_Window *window, int w, int y);
void (HACK_HACK_HACK *SetClipboardText) (const char *);
int (HACK_HACK_HACK *SetClipboardText) (const char *);
char *(HACK_HACK_HACK *GetClipboardText) (void);
SDL_Cursor *(HACK_HACK_HACK *CreateSystemCursor) (SDL_SystemCursor id);
SDL_Cursor *(HACK_HACK_HACK *GetDefaultCursor) (void);
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