Commit 5e428c35 authored by Rob Swindell's avatar Rob Swindell 💬
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By default, '-l' (last few callers) option will pull from previous days

If modopts.ini [logonlist] last_few_days is set (to a number), that will
dictate the maximum number of previous days to pull last few callers from
(e.g. set to '0' for previous behavior).

Also, '-l' can now be used with a command-line option (e.g. '-l <num>')
to specify the number of callers to display (overriding the modopts.ini
last_fwe_callers value).

This should address issue (feature request) #371.
parent 608b6f10
......@@ -84,9 +84,13 @@ function print(hdr, num, days_ago)
return true;
if(argv.indexOf('-l') >= 0) { // Last few callers?
var argi = argv.indexOf('-l');
if(argi >= 0) { // Last few callers?
var count = -options.last_few_callers;
if(argi < argc)
count = -parseInt(argv[argi + 1], 10);
if(!this.print(options.last_few_callers_msg || "\x01n\x01g\x01hLast few callers:\x01n\r\n"
,count, options.last_few_days))
console.print(options.first_caller_msg || "\x01n\x01g\x01hYou are the first caller of the day!");
} else {
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