Commit 67df6822 authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Fixed method of detecting ANSI terminal support: use console.term_supports()

parent 05b9f1c8
// $Id$
require("sbbsdefs.js", 'CON_BLINK_FONT');
require("userdefs.js", 'USER_ICE_COLOR');
if(user.settings & USER_ANSI) {
if(console.term_supports(USER_ANSI)) {
if(argv.indexOf("force") >=0 || !(console.status&(CON_BLINK_FONT|CON_HBLINK_FONT))) {
var cterm = load({}, "cterm_lib.js");
cterm.bright_background(Boolean(user.settings & USER_ICE_COLOR));
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