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NHSynchronet Sysop Main Menu
NHB(All commands preceeded by a 'W;B')NHB(Optional parameters shown in M[]B)
NHB(All commands preceded by a 'W;B')NHB(Optional parameters shown in M[]B)
NHB(Required parameters shown in R<>B)NHB(Required exemptions shown in Y()B)
YNode Display/Control:NHYEditing:
......@@ -21,4 +21,4 @@
WEXEC ?R<mod>NHCExecute JavaScript ModuleN HSPY M[node]NHCSpy/control Node
WNEXEC R<cmd>NHCExecute Native ProgramNHECHO R<str>CPrint string (w/@-codes)
WFOSSIL R<cmd> CExecute FOSSIL ProgramNHEVAL R<str>NHCEvaluate JavaScript Expr
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