Commit 7bb44f2d authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Optimization: don't call iniFileName() for each CGI request, just once during

parent 966cd458
......@@ -104,6 +104,7 @@ static char root_dir[MAX_PATH+1];
static char error_dir[MAX_PATH+1];
static char temp_dir[MAX_PATH+1];
static char cgi_dir[MAX_PATH+1];
static char cgi_env_ini[MAX_PATH+1];
static time_t uptime=0;
static DWORD served=0;
static web_startup_t* startup=NULL;
......@@ -2354,7 +2355,6 @@ static BOOL check_request(http_session_t * session)
static str_list_t get_cgi_env(http_session_t *session)
char path[MAX_PATH+1];
char value[INI_MAX_VALUE_LEN+1];
char* deflt;
char defltbuf[INI_MAX_VALUE_LEN+1];
......@@ -2373,7 +2373,7 @@ static str_list_t get_cgi_env(http_session_t *session)
strListPush(&env_list,"REDIRECT_STATUS=200"); /* Kludge for php-cgi */
if((fp=iniOpenFile(iniFileName(path,sizeof(path),scfg.ctrl_dir,"cgi_env.ini"),/* create? */FALSE))==NULL)
if((fp=iniOpenFile(cgi_env_ini,/* create? */FALSE))==NULL)
if((add_list=iniReadSectionList(fp,NULL))!=NULL) {
......@@ -4468,6 +4468,9 @@ void DLLCALL web_server(void* arg)
xjs_handlers=read_ini_list("web_handler.ini","JavaScript","JavaScript content handlers"
/* Don't do this for *each* CGI request, just once here during [re]init */
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