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SYSOP ARS keyword now applies to target user, not necessarily the user online

Altere reported that listing users with access to a sub-board with an Access
Requirement String (ARS) set to "SYSOP" would list all users as having access.
The problem was the use of the "SYSOP" macro which checks the *current* user
online (not the subject of the ARS check). Fixed by not using the SYSOP macro.
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......@@ -269,7 +269,7 @@ bool sbbs_t::ar_exp(const uchar **ptrptr, user_t* user, client_t* client)
else result=!_not;
case AR_SYSOP:
if(user->level < SYSOP_LEVEL && !(sys_status & SS_TMPSYSOP))
else result=!_not;
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