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PCBoard type definitions for PCBOARD.SYS and USERS.SYS files

PCBOARD.SYS is officially the worst file format ever invented, not just the worst BBS drop file format ever invented. What were these guys smoking?!?

I don't know what reference I used almost 30 years ago when I first implemented PCBOARD.SYS file support, but this time I used the PCBoard v15.3 source code (e.g. sys.c and usersys.c) and even their own code seems to work really hard to conform to these crazy file formats.

USERS.SYS is a little more sane, but not by a lot.

C++ features make this cleaner/easier, but man... there's just so much polish you apply to these turds.

I guess (and hope) that nobody's really running programs that depend on/use these file formats. <shrug>
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/* PCBoard Structure Definitions, Source: SYS.C and USERSYS.H v15.3 */
* 4 (Plain Text/Source Code File Header) *
* @format.use-tabs true (see *
* *
* Copyright Rob Swindell - *
* *
* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or *
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License *
* as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 *
* of the License, or (at your option) any later version. *
* See the GNU Lesser General Public License for more details: lgpl.txt or *
* *
* *
* For Synchronet coding style and modification guidelines, see *
* *
* *
* Note: If this box doesn't appear square, then you need to fix your tabs. *
#ifndef PCBDEFS_HPP_
#define PCBDEFS_HPP_
#include "endian.hpp"
namespace PCBoard {
static const uint16_t Version{1530};
class abool { // "ASCII Bool" craziness
uint16_t value{False};
static const uint16_t True = LE_INT(0x312D); // "-1"
static const uint16_t False = LE_INT(0x3020); // " 0"
void operator = (int nval) {
value = nval ? True : False;
bool operator = (const abool&) {
return value == True;
// Unterminated space-padded ASCII string
template <size_t size>
class string {
char value[size]{};
void operator = (const char* s) {
memset(value, ' ', size);
memcpy(value, s, min(size, strlen(s)));
// All multi-byte integer data types are all implicitly little-endian (x86),
// so provide automatic byte-swap (on big-endian systems) during assignment operations.
using Int16 = LittleEndInt<int16_t>;
using Int32 = LittleEndInt<int32_t>;
using UInt16 = LittleEndInt<uint16_t>;
using UInt32 = LittleEndInt<uint32_t>;
static const int USER_FLAG_DIRTY = (1<<0);
static const int USER_FLAG_MSGCLEAR = (1<<1);
static const int USER_FLAG_HASMAIL = (1<<2);
static const int USER_FLAG_NOFSE = (1<<3); // DontAskFSE
static const int USER_FLAG_SCROLLMSG = (1<<4); // ScrollMsgBody
static const int USER_FLAG_SHORTHDR = (1<<5); // ShortHeader
static const int USER_FLAG_WIDEEDITOR = (1<<6);
#pragma pack(push,1) // Disk image structures must be packed
struct sys {
abool Screen;
abool PrintLog;
abool PageBell;
abool Alarm;
char SysopFlag{' '};
abool ErrorCorrected;
char GraphicsMode;
char UserNetStatus{'A'};
string<5> ModemSpeed; /* rate to open com port */
string<5> CarrierSpeed; /* actual speed of caller */
UInt16 UserRecNo;
string<15> FirstName;
string<12> Password;
UInt16 LogonMinute;
Int16 TimeUsed;
string<5> LogonTime;
Int16 PwrdTimeAllowed;
Int16 MaxKBytesAllowed;
char Conference;
char ConfJoined[5];
char ConfScanned[5];
Int16 ConfAddTime;
Int16 CreditMinutes;
char MultiLangExt[4];
string<25> Name;
Int16 MinutesLeft;
uint8_t NodeNum; // Binary node number or 0
string<5> EventTime;
abool EventActive;
abool EventSlide;
char MemorizeNum[4];
char ComPortNumber{'1'}; // ASCII decimal ('0' = none)
char PackFlag{' '};
uint8_t Reserve;
int8_t UseAnsi; // bool
/* used to have 8 bytes for date of last event run and 2 bytes for the time */
Int16 Country;
Int16 CodePage;
char YesChar;
char NoChar;
int8_t Language;
char Reserve2[3]; /* the rest of the date/time used to be used */
int8_t RemoteDOS; // bool
int8_t RunningEvent; //bool, was EventUpComing
int8_t StopUploads; // bool
UInt16 Conference2;
struct userSysHeader {
UInt16 Version; /* PCBoard version number */
Int32 RecNo; /* Record number from USER's file */
UInt16 SizeOfRec; /* Size of "fixed" user record */
UInt16 NumOfAreas; /* Number of conference areas (Main=1 thru 65535) */
UInt16 NumOfBitFields; /* Number of Bit Map fields for conferences */
UInt16 SizeOfBitFields; /* Size of each Bit Map field */
char AppName[15]; /* Name of the Third Party Application (if any) */
UInt16 AppVersion; /* Version number for the application (if any) */
UInt16 AppSizeOfRec; /* Size of a "fixed length" record (if any) */
UInt16 AppSizeOfConfRec; /* Size of each conference record (if any) */
Int32 AppRecOffset; /* Offset of AppRec into USERS.INF record (if any) */
int8_t Updated; /* TRUE if the USERS.SYS file has been updated */
struct userSysFixed {
// The strings in this struct *are* NUL-terminated
char Name[26]; /* Name (NULL terminated) */
char City[25]; /* City (NULL terminated) */
char Password[13]; /* Password (NULL terminated) */
char BusDataPhone[14]; /* Business or Data Phone (NULL terminated) */
char HomeVoicePhone[14]; /* Home or Voice Phone (NULL terminated) */
UInt16 LastDateOn; /* Julian date for the Last Date On */
char LastTimeOn[6]; /* Last Time On (NULL Terminated) */
int8_t ExpertMode; /* 1=Expert, 0=Novice */
char Protocol; /* Protocol (A thru Z) */
uint8_t PackedFlags; /* Bit packed flags */
UInt16 DateLastDirRead; /* Date for Last DIR Scan (most recent file) */ // DOS format
Int16 SecurityLevel; /* Security Level */
UInt16 NumTimesOn; /* Number of times the caller has connected */
uint8_t PageLen; /* Page Length when display data on the screen */
UInt16 NumUploads; /* Total number of FILES uploaded */
UInt16 NumDownloads; /* Total number of FILES downloaded */
UInt32 DailyDnldBytes; /* Number of BYTES downloaded so far today (was "long") */
char UserComment[31]; /* Comment field #1 (NULL terminated) */
char SysopComment[31]; /* Comment field #1 (NULL terminated) */
Int16 ElapsedTimeOn; /* Number of minutes online */
UInt16 RegExpDate; /* Julian date for Registration Expiration Date */
Int16 ExpSecurityLevel; /* Expired Security Level */
UInt16 LastConference; /* Number of the conference the caller was in */
UInt32 ulTotDnldBytes; /* Total number of BYTES downloaded */
UInt32 ulTotUpldBytes; /* Total number of BYTES uploaded */
int8_t DeleteFlag; /* 1=delete this record, 0=keep */
Int32 RecNum; /* Record Number in USERS.INF file */
uint8_t Flags;
char Reserved[8]; /* Bytes 390-397 from the USERS file */
UInt32 MsgsRead; /* Number of messages the user has read in PCB */
UInt32 MsgsLeft; /* Number of messages the user has left in PCB */
struct usersys {
userSysHeader hdr;
userSysFixed fixed;
#pragma pack(pop) // original packing
} // namespace PCBoard
#endif // Don't add anything after this line
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