Commit 95e02bc3 authored by nightfox's avatar nightfox
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Minor change in the background & foreground colors for the scrollbar when reading an ANSI message

parent b252015e
......@@ -10837,7 +10837,7 @@ function DigDistMsgReader_GetMsgInfoForEnhancedReader(pMsgHdr, pWordWrap, pDeter
// If scrollbar.js is available, then set up a vertical
// scrollbar for the Frame object
if (gScrollbarJSAvailable)
retObj.displayFrameScrollbar = new ScrollBar(retObj.displayFrame, {bg: LIGHTGRAY, fg: WHITE, orientation: "vertical", autohide: false});
retObj.displayFrameScrollbar = new ScrollBar(retObj.displayFrame, {bg: BG_BLACK, fg: LIGHTGRAY, orientation: "vertical", autohide: false});
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