Commit 9919c23e authored by Rob Swindell's avatar Rob Swindell 💬

Don't pass-through ANSI Device Attributes (DA) requests

putmsg(), used to display messages and display/menu files, will no longer pass-through the ANSI sequence ESC[c (found in some corrupted ANSI posts to fsxNet->FSX_BOT echo) to the client terminal since this will stimulate a (unwanted) response from the client.

I do wonder if the outchar_esc value check should be == here instead of >=, but I'm not familiar with the string and SOS states. I wonder if any display files sent from the BBS would ever include those sequences.
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......@@ -348,8 +348,8 @@ char sbbs_t::putmsgfrag(const char* buf, long* mode, long org_cols, JSObject* ob
if(str[l]=='A' || str[l]=='B' || str[l]=='H' || str[l]=='J'
|| str[l]=='f' || str[l]=='u') /* ANSI anim */
lncntr=0; /* so defeat pause */
if(str[l]=='"') {
l++; /* don't pass on keyboard reassignment */
if(str[l]=='"' || str[l]=='c') {
l++; /* don't pass on keyboard reassignment or Device Attributes (DA) requests */
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