Commit 99d67658 authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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2 more configurable loadable modules:

- external programs section (default: "xtrn_sec")
- logon list (default: "logonlist")
parent 5a192c0e
......@@ -1633,10 +1633,12 @@ void sys_cfg(void)
sprintf(opt[i++],"%-16.16s%s","Expired User",cfg.expire_mod);
sprintf(opt[i++],"%-16.16s%s","Auto Message",cfg.automsg_mod);
sprintf(opt[i++],"%-16.16s%s","Text Section",cfg.textsec_mod);
sprintf(opt[i++],"%-16.16s%s","Xtrn Section",cfg.xtrnsec_mod);
sprintf(opt[i++],"%-16.16s%s","Read Mail",cfg.readmail_mod);
sprintf(opt[i++],"%-16.16s%s","Scan Msgs",cfg.scanposts_mod);
sprintf(opt[i++],"%-16.16s%s","Scan Subs",cfg.scansubs_mod);
sprintf(opt[i++],"%-16.16s%s","List Msgs",cfg.listmsgs_mod);
sprintf(opt[i++],"%-16.16s%s","List Logons",cfg.logonlist_mod);
sprintf(opt[i++],"%-16.16s%s","List Nodes",cfg.nodelist_mod);
sprintf(opt[i++],"%-16.16s%s","Who's Online",cfg.whosonline_mod);
sprintf(opt[i++],"%-16.16s%s","Private Msg",cfg.privatemsg_mod);
......@@ -1658,6 +1660,7 @@ void sys_cfg(void)
"`Expired User` Executed during daily event when user expires (offline)\n"
"`Auto Message` Executed when a user chooses to edit the auto-message\n"
"`Text Section` Executed to handle general text file (viewing) section\n"
"`Xtrn Section` Executed to handle external programs (doors) section\n"
"Full module command-lines may be used for the operations listed below:\n"
......@@ -1665,6 +1668,7 @@ void sys_cfg(void)
"`Scan Msgs` Executed when a user reads or scans a message sub-board\n"
"`Scan Subs` Executed when a user scans one or more sub-boards for msgs\n"
"`List Msgs` Executed when a user lists msgs from the msg read prompt\n"
"`List Logons` Executed when a user lists logons (i.e. '-y' for yesterday)\n"
"`List Nodes` Executed when a user lists all nodes\n"
"`Who's Online` Executed when a user lists the nodes in-use (e.g. `^U`)\n"
"`Private Msg` Executed when a user sends a private node msg (e.g. `^P`)\n"
......@@ -1716,30 +1720,38 @@ void sys_cfg(void)
case 9:
uifc.input(WIN_MID|WIN_SAV,0,0,"External Program Section Module"
case 10:
uifc.input(WIN_MID|WIN_SAV,0,0,"Read Mail Command"
case 10:
case 11:
uifc.input(WIN_MID|WIN_SAV,0,0,"Scan Msgs Command"
case 11:
case 12:
uifc.input(WIN_MID|WIN_SAV,0,0,"Scan Subs Command"
case 12:
case 13:
uifc.input(WIN_MID|WIN_SAV,0,0,"List Msgs Command"
case 13:
case 14:
uifc.input(WIN_MID|WIN_SAV,0,0,"List Logons Command"
case 15:
uifc.input(WIN_MID|WIN_SAV,0,0,"List Nodes Command"
case 14:
case 16:
uifc.input(WIN_MID|WIN_SAV,0,0,"Who's Online Command"
case 15:
case 17:
uifc.input(WIN_MID|WIN_SAV,0,0,"Private Message Command"
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