Commit a29eab91 authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Updated for .so libraries.

parent dda8080a
#/bin/sh #/bin/sh
tar cvzf lib-linux.tgz lib/mozilla/*/linux.*/*.a tar cvzf lib-linux.tgz lib/mozilla/*/linux.*/*.so
tar cvzf lib-freebsd.tgz lib/mozilla/*/freebsd.*/*.a tar cvzf lib-freebsd.tgz lib/mozilla/*/freebsd.*/*.so
tar cvzf lib-openbsd.tgz lib/mozilla/*/openbsd.*/*.a tar cvzf lib-openbsd.tgz lib/mozilla/*/openbsd.*/*.so
tar cvzf lib-unix.tgz lib/mozilla/*/*/*.a tar cvzf lib-unix.tgz lib/mozilla/*/*/*.so
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