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Rename "Allow Sysop Login" option to "Allow Sysop Access"

With this option set to "No", sysops can still login, they just can't perform most sysop functions.

Updated System Password help text to clarify that the "Allow Sysop Access" option effectively disables the system password. Also mention the FTP Server use of the system password to enable sysop access.
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......@@ -410,6 +410,14 @@ void sys_cfg(void)
"sysop functions. This password should be something not easily guessed\n"
"and should be kept absolutely confidential. This password must be\n"
"entered at the Terminal Server `SY:` prompt.\n"
"This system password can also be used to enable sysop access to the\n"
"FTP Server by authenticating with a password that combines a sysop's\n"
"password with the system password, separated by a colon\n"
"(i.e. '`user-pass:system-pass`').\n"
"`Note:` When the `Allow Sysop Access` Toggle Option is set to `No`,\n"
" The system password is effectively disabled."
uifc.input(WIN_MID,0,0,"System Password",cfg.sys_pass,sizeof(cfg.sys_pass)-1,K_EDIT|K_UPPER);
......@@ -526,7 +534,7 @@ void sys_cfg(void)
,cfg.sys_misc&SM_TIMEBANK ? "Yes" : "No");
sprintf(opt[i++],"%-33.33s%s","Allow Credit Conversions"
,cfg.sys_misc&SM_NOCDTCVT ? "No" : "Yes");
sprintf(opt[i++],"%-33.33s%s","Allow Sysop Logins"
sprintf(opt[i++],"%-33.33s%s","Allow Sysop Access"
,cfg.sys_misc&SM_R_SYSOP ? "Yes" : "No");
sprintf(opt[i++],"%-33.33s%s","Display/Log Passwords Locally"
,cfg.sys_misc&SM_ECHO_PW ? "Yes" : "No");
......@@ -628,13 +636,13 @@ void sys_cfg(void)
case 3:
i=cfg.sys_misc&SM_R_SYSOP ? 0:1;
"`Allow Sysop Logins:`\n"
"`Allow Sysop Access:`\n"
"If you want to be able to login with system operator access, set this\n"
"option to `Yes`.\n"
"Setting this option to `No` will prevent users with sysop security level\n"
"from invoking functions that require system-password authentication.\n"
,"Allow Sysop Logins",uifcYesNoOpts);
,"Allow Sysop Access",uifcYesNoOpts);
if(!i && !(cfg.sys_misc&SM_R_SYSOP)) {
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