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Automatically detect the character set of QWK-imported messages (that don't...

Automatically detect the character set of QWK-imported messages (that don't already have a FidoNet "CHRS" header) and create/set the FIDOCHARS header field accordingly (UTF-8, ASCII, or CP437). This should resolve the issue I observed of QWK-posted messages on FidoNet with the wrong CHRS header value (i.e. CP437, when the message body in fact contained UTF-8).
parent d254cdba
...@@ -487,6 +487,24 @@ bool sbbs_t::qwk_import_msg(FILE *qwk_fp, char *hdrblk, ulong blocks ...@@ -487,6 +487,24 @@ bool sbbs_t::qwk_import_msg(FILE *qwk_fp, char *hdrblk, ulong blocks
body[bodylen]=0; body[bodylen]=0;
tail[taillen]=0; tail[taillen]=0;
if(msg->ftn_charset == NULL) {
if(!(msg->hdr.auxattr & MSG_HFIELDS_UTF8)
&& (msg->to != NULL && !str_is_ascii(msg->to) && utf8_str_is_valid(msg->to))
|| (msg->from != NULL && !str_is_ascii(msg->from) && utf8_str_is_valid(msg->from))
|| (msg->subj != NULL && !str_is_ascii(msg->subj) && utf8_str_is_valid(msg->subj)))
msg->hdr.auxattr |= MSG_HFIELDS_UTF8;
if(!(msg->hdr.auxattr & MSG_HFIELDS_UTF8) && !str_is_ascii(body) && utf8_str_is_valid(body))
msg->hdr.auxattr |= MSG_HFIELDS_UTF8;
if(!(msg->hdr.auxattr & MSG_HFIELDS_UTF8) && !str_is_ascii(tail) && utf8_str_is_valid(tail))
msg->hdr.auxattr |= MSG_HFIELDS_UTF8;
const char* charset = FIDO_CHARSET_CP437;
if(msg->hdr.auxattr & MSG_HFIELDS_UTF8)
charset = FIDO_CHARSET_UTF8;
else if(str_is_ascii(body) && str_is_ascii(tail))
smb_hfield_str(msg, FIDOCHARSET, charset);
if(online==ON_REMOTE) if(online==ON_REMOTE)
bputs(text[WritingIndx]); bputs(text[WritingIndx]);
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