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bbsfinder is defunct

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/* updater for Synchronet BBS 3.15+
echicken -at- */
var delay = 240000;
function loadSettings() {
var f = new File(system.ctrl_dir + 'modopts.ini');'r');
if (!f.is_open) {
throw 'Unable to open ' + system.ctrl_dir + 'modopts.ini for reading.'
opts = f.iniGetObject('bbsfinder');
if (!opts.hasOwnProperty('username') || !opts.hasOwnProperty('password')) {
throw 'BBSfinder account info could not be read from modopts.ini.'
opts.username = encodeURIComponent(opts.username);
opts.password = encodeURIComponent(opts.password);
return opts;
function update() {
try {
var opts = loadSettings();
var ret = (new HTTPRequest()).Get(
opts.username, opts.password
} catch (e) {
log(LOG_INFO, 'BBSfinder HTTP error: ' + e);
if(ret == 0) {
log(LOG_INFO, 'BBSfinder update succeded.');
} else {
log(LOG_INFO, 'BBSfinder update failed.');
log(LOG_DEBUG, ret);
if (argc > 0 && argv[0] === '-l') {
var timer = new Timer();
timer.addEvent(delay, true, update);
while (!js.terminated) {
\ No newline at end of file updater for Synchronet 3.15+
echicken -at-
It's recommended that you grab the latest copies of the following files from
the Synchronet CVS at
I'm going to assume that your copy of bbsfinder.js is located at:
Add the following section to your ctrl/modopts.ini file:
username = <username>
password = <password>
Method #1: Running as a timed event
Launch scfg (that's BBS->Configure from the Synchronet Control Panel in
Windows,) select "External Programs", then "Timed Events", and create a
new item as follows:
Event Internal Code: BBSFINDR
Edit the timed event that you've just created so that it looks like this:
BBSFINDR Timed Event
¦Internal Code BBSFINDR
¦Start-up Directory /sbbs/xtrn/
¦Command Line ?bbsfinder.js
¦Enabled Yes
¦Execution Node 1
¦Execution Months Any
¦Execution Days of Month Any
¦Execution Days of Week All
¦Execution Frequency 360 times a day
¦Requires Exclusive Execution No
¦Force Users Off-line For Event No
¦Native Executable No
¦Use Shell to Execute No
¦Background Execution No
¦Always Run After Init/Re-init Yes
Hint: to set the "Execution frequency" to "360 times a day", select
"Execution frequency" and answer "No" at the "Execute at a specific time?"
prompt. We want this event to run every four minutes, so (24*60)/4 = 360.
Method #2: Running from jsexec
From a command prompt, execute the following, substituting paths as
/sbbs/exec/jsexec /sbbs/xtrn/ -l
Post a message to 'echicken' in DOVENet's Synchronet Sysops echo, or find me
in #synchronet on
\ No newline at end of file
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