Commit b225167d authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Resolve weird Clang warning: format specifies type 'unsigned short' but the

argument has type 'int'

So a (ushort&ushort) == int? That makes no sense.When in doubt, typecast!
parent 2b0e1ada
......@@ -4308,7 +4308,7 @@ int pkt_to_msg(FILE* fidomsg, fmsghdr_t* hdr, const char* info, const char* inbo
const uint16_t remove_attrs = FIDO_CRASH | FIDO_LOCAL | FIDO_HOLD;
if(hdr->attr&remove_attrs) {
lprintf(LOG_DEBUG, "%s Removing attributes: %04hX", info, hdr->attr&remove_attrs);
lprintf(LOG_DEBUG, "%s Removing attributes: %04hX", info, (uint16_t)(hdr->attr&remove_attrs));
hdr->attr &= ~remove_attrs;
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