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More use of conditional blank lines in prompt strings.

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......@@ -239,7 +239,7 @@
"\1n\1c(\1h%u\1n\1c) %s" 196 ShortHdrDir
"\1r\1hFilenames, specs, or flags [None]: \1m\1h\1~" 197 BatchDlFlags
"\r\n\7\1r\1h\1iBatch download queue is full.\1n\r\n" 198 BatchDlQueueIsFull
"\1_\r\n\1y\1hFilespec [\1wAll Files\1y]: \1n" 199 FileSpecStarDotStar
"\1_\1?\1y\1hFilespec [\1wAll Files\1y]: \1n" 199 FileSpecStarDotStar
"\r\n\r\n\1r\1h\1iNot enough free disk space.\1n\r\n"\ 200 LowDiskSpace
"\r\n\1hThe sysop has been notified.\1n\r\n"
"\r\n%s kilobytes free\r\n\r\n" 201 DiskNBytesFree
......@@ -353,7 +353,7 @@
"\r\nUnextractable file type.\r\n" 289 UnextractableFile
"\r\nFile not found.\r\n" 290 FileNotFound
"\r\n~Extract file(s), ~View archive, or ~Quit: " 291 ExtractFilesPrompt
"\1_\r\n\1y\1hTemp Directory: \1n" 292 TempDirPrompt
"\1_\1?\1y\1hTemp Directory: \1n" 292 TempDirPrompt
"\1n\r\n%s not created yet.\r\n"\ 293 TempFileNotCreatedYet
"\r\nUse the \1hA\1n command to create it.\r\n"
"\r\nUploader: %s\r\nFilename: %s\r\n" 294 TempFileInfo
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