Commit c478d2bb authored by Deucе's avatar Deucе 👌🏾
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Fix STR gain after defeating a trainer.

You get str_gained, not str. :(
parent 4f8f844f
...@@ -15060,11 +15060,11 @@ function turgons() ...@@ -15060,11 +15060,11 @@ function turgons()
sln(''); sln('');
player.hp_max += trainer.hp_gained; player.hp_max += trainer.hp_gained;
player.hp = player.hp_max; player.hp = player.hp_max;
player.str += trainer.str; player.str += trainer.str_gained;
player.def += trainer.def; player.def += trainer.def;
player.level += 1; player.level += 1;
lw('`2 You receive `0'+pretty_int(trainer.hp_gained)+'`2 hitpoints,'); lw('`2 You receive `0'+pretty_int(trainer.hp_gained)+'`2 hitpoints,');
lw(' `0'+pretty_int(trainer.str)+'`2 strength'); lw(' `0'+pretty_int(trainer.str_gained)+'`2 strength');
lln(' and `0'+pretty_int(trainer.def)+'`2 defense points!'); lln(' and `0'+pretty_int(trainer.def)+'`2 defense points!');
sln(''); sln('');
lln(' `%YOU ARE NOW LEVEL '+pretty_int(player.level)+'.'); lln(' `%YOU ARE NOW LEVEL '+pretty_int(player.level)+'.');
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