Commit c95a5de8 authored by Eric Oulashin's avatar Eric Oulashin Committed by Rob Swindell
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Screen header update optimization for file searching & scanning

parent 20447c87
......@@ -2173,18 +2173,21 @@ function createFileListMenu(pQuitKeys)
// Set up the menu's description width, colors, and format string
fileListMenu.lastFileDirCode = "";
// Define the menu function for getting an item
fileListMenu.GetItem = function(pIdx) {
// In here, 'this' refers to the fileListMenu object
// If doing a file search, then update the header with the file library & directory
// name of the currently selected file (instead of displaying "Various"). This seems
// like a bit of a hack, but it works.
var allSameDir = (typeof(gFileList.allSameDir) === "boolean" ? gFileList.allSameDir : false);
if (isDoingFileSearch() && !allSameDir)
if (isDoingFileSearch() && !allSameDir && gFileList[pIdx].dirCode != this.lastFileDirCode)
var originalCurPos = console.getxy();
displayFileLibAndDirHeader(true, gFileList[pIdx].dirCode);
this.lastFileDirCode = gFileList[pIdx].dirCode;
var menuItemObj = this.MakeItemWithRetval(pIdx);
var filename = shortenFilename(gFileList[pIdx].name, this.filenameLen, true);
......@@ -2202,7 +2205,6 @@ function createFileListMenu(pQuitKeys)
getFileSizeStr(gFileList[pIdx].size, this.fileSizeLen),
desc.substr(0, this.shortDescLen));
return menuItemObj;
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