Commit ca837b6e authored by Rob Swindell's avatar Rob Swindell

Include unread mail (number) in "Mail Waiting" logon info string.

parent 623d9e3d
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......@@ -422,7 +422,7 @@
"\1bUser #\1c%-4d \1b: \1c%s\r\n" 351 LiUserNumberName
"\1bLogons Today : \1c%-5u \1b(Max \1c%u\1b)\r\n" 352 LiLogonsToday
"\1bTime on Today : \1c%-5u \1b(Max \1c%u\1b)\r\n" 353 LiTimeonToday
"\1bMail Waiting : \1c%u\r\n" 354 LiMailWaiting
"\1bMail Waiting : \1c%-5u \1b(Unread \1c%u\1b)\r\n" 354 LiMailWaiting
"\1b\1hSysop is : \1c%s\r\n" 355 LiSysopIs
"Available" 356 LiSysopAvailable
"Not Available" 357 LiSysopNotAvailable
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