Commit cbeb677f authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Removed unsupported commands in v3 (MEM, ANSCAP, etc).

Added new and unlisted commands (SHELL, SPY, NODE, LOAD, etc).
Added Ctrl-A codes for colorization/formatting.
parent bdbf9243
Synchronet Sysop Main Menu
(All commands preceeded by a ';')
0lnhSynchronet Sysop Main Menu
b(All commands preceeded by a 'w;b')(Optional parameters shown in m[]b)
(Required parameters shown in r<>b)(Required exemptions shown in y()b)
Miscellaneous: Editing:
CHUSER Change into Another User UEDIT User Account Number
ANSCAP Toggle ANSI Capture Mode EDIT Edit Text/MSG File
LOCK <n> Lock/Unlock Node(s) n Viewing:
INTR <n> Interrupt Node(s) n LOG Today's Log
DOWN <n> Down Node(s) n YLOG Yesterday's Log
RERUN <n> Rerun Node(s) n NS Node Statistics
ANON Make Node Anonymous SS System Statistics
QUIET Make Node Quiet NLOG Node Statistics Log
MEM Available DOS Memory SLOG System Statistics Log
BULKMAIL Send Bulk E-mail ERR Critical Error Log
DOS Shell to DOS LIST View Text/ANSI/MSG File
MAIL All Mail on System GURU Discussions with The Guru
CALL <s> Call QWKnet hub <s>
yNode Display/Control:Editing:
wNODE m[args] cNode UtilitywUEDIT m[user] cEdit User Account
wDOWN r<nodes> cToggle Down FlagwEDITcEdit Text/MSG File
wLOCK r<nodes> cLock/Unlock m(N)
wINTR r<nodes> cToggle Interrupt m(I)yViewing:
wANONcToggle Anonymous m(Q)wLIST m[file] cView Text/ANSI/MSG File
wQUIETcToggle Quietm(Q)wLOGcToday's Log
wYLOGcYesterday's Log
yMiscellaneous:wNS m[node]cNode Statistics
wCHUSERcChange into Another User wSScSystem Statistics
wBULKMAILcSend Bulk E-mailwNLOGcNode Statistics Log
wSHELLcOS Command ShellwSLOGcSystem Statistics Log
wCALL r<hub> cForce QWKnet Call-outwERRcCritical Error Log
wCHATcPage sysop m(C)wGURUcDiscussions w/The Guru
wLOAD r<file> cLoad alternate text.dat wMAILcAll Mail on System
wEXEC r<cmd> cExecute DOS ProgramwSPY m[node] cSpy/control Node
wEXEC *r<mod> cExecute Baja Module
wFOSSIL r<cmd> cExecute FOSSIL Program
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