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Fix HTTP-requests for files >= 2GB in size

An int is 32-bits on all supported platforms, so this has always been broken. The actual file size/request-length sent would depend on fun 2's complement math (a 32GB file was being truncated to 433MB).

Also fixed some wrong uses of PRIuOFF: off_t is a signed integer, so technically the maximum file size you can request now is 2^63 bytes, which is "big enough".
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......@@ -1383,11 +1383,11 @@ static BOOL send_headers(http_session_t *session, const char *status, int chunke
else {
if((session->req.range_start || session->req.range_end) && stat_code == 206) {
safe_snprintf(header,sizeof(header),"%s: %ld",get_header(HEAD_LENGTH),session->req.range_end-session->req.range_start+1);
safe_snprintf(header,sizeof(header),"%s: %"PRIdOFF, get_header(HEAD_LENGTH), session->req.range_end-session->req.range_start+1);
else {
safe_snprintf(header,sizeof(header),"%s: %d",get_header(HEAD_LENGTH),(int)stats.st_size);
safe_snprintf(header,sizeof(header),"%s: %"PRIdOFF, get_header(HEAD_LENGTH), stats.st_size);
......@@ -1407,7 +1407,7 @@ static BOOL send_headers(http_session_t *session, const char *status, int chunke
if(session->req.range_start || session->req.range_end) {
switch(stat_code) {
case 206: /* Partial reply */
safe_snprintf(header,sizeof(header),"%s: bytes %ld-%ld/%ld",get_header(HEAD_CONTENT_RANGE),session->req.range_start,session->req.range_end,(long)stats.st_size);
safe_snprintf(header,sizeof(header),"%s: bytes %"PRIdOFF"-%"PRIdOFF"/%"PRIdOFF,get_header(HEAD_CONTENT_RANGE),session->req.range_start,session->req.range_end,stats.st_size);
......@@ -6078,7 +6078,7 @@ static void respond(http_session_t * session)
if(session->req.send_content) {
off_t snt=0;
time_t start = time(NULL);
lprintf(LOG_INFO,"%04d Sending file: %s (%"PRIuOFF" bytes)"
lprintf(LOG_INFO,"%04d Sending file: %s (%"PRIdOFF" bytes)"
,session->socket, session->req.physical_path, flength(session->req.physical_path));
if(session->req.ld!=NULL) {
......@@ -6090,7 +6090,7 @@ static void respond(http_session_t * session)
time_t e = time(NULL) - start;
if(e < 1)
e = 1;
lprintf(LOG_INFO, "%04d Sent file: %s (%"PRIuOFF" bytes, %ld cps)"
lprintf(LOG_INFO, "%04d Sent file: %s (%"PRIdOFF" bytes, %ld cps)"
,session->socket, session->req.physical_path, snt, (long)(snt / e));
user_downloaded_file(&scfg, &session->user, &session->client, session->file.dir, session->, snt);
......@@ -6865,7 +6865,7 @@ void http_logging_thread(void* arg)
if(logfile!=NULL) {
if(ld->status) {
strftime(timestr,sizeof(timestr),"%d/%b/%Y:%H:%M:%S %z",&ld->completed);
* In case of a termination, do no block for a lock... just discard
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