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Eliminate the global 'sbbs' here, was masking bugs

I'm not sure what purpose this global variable once had, but it wasn't needed
now and it was masking copy/paste issues in some of the sbbs_t methods in this
file. Just make an 'sbbs' local to bbs_thread(), since there's where it's

FYI: All the Cryptlib-SSH macros assume there's an 'sbbs' in scope.
parent e379967c
......@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ SOCKET uspy_socket[MAX_NODES]; /* UNIX domain spy sockets */
SOCKET node_socket[MAX_NODES];
struct xpms_set *ts_set;
static sbbs_t* sbbs=NULL;
//static sbbs_t* sbbs=NULL;
static scfg_t scfg;
static char * text[TOTAL_TEXT];
static scfg_t node_scfg[MAX_NODES];
......@@ -2175,7 +2175,7 @@ void sbbs_t::passthru_socket_activate(bool activate)
do { // Allow time for the passthru_thread to move any pending socket data to the outbuf
SLEEP(100); // Before the node_thread starts sending its own data to the outbuf
} while(RingBufFull(&sbbs->outbuf));
} while(RingBufFull(&outbuf));
passthru_socket_active = activate;
......@@ -3967,10 +3967,10 @@ void sbbs_t::hangup(void)
mswait(1000); /* Give socket output buffer time to flush */
if(ssh_mode) {
ssh_session_destroy(client_socket, ssh_session, __LINE__);
sbbs->ssh_mode = false;
ssh_mode = false;
......@@ -5150,7 +5150,7 @@ void bbs_thread(void* arg)
sbbs = new sbbs_t(0, &server_addr, sizeof(server_addr)
sbbs_t* sbbs = new sbbs_t(0, &server_addr, sizeof(server_addr)
,"Terminal Server", ts_set->socks[0].sock, &scfg, text, NULL);
if(sbbs->init()==false) {
lputs(LOG_CRIT,"!BBS initialization failed");
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