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Ok, let's just never change cur if it's valid? Ok?

Now the default bar is INT_MAX, so it always gets corrected when
left as default.

This is good.
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......@@ -346,6 +346,7 @@ static JSBool js_list_ctx_constructor(JSContext *cx, uintN argc, jsval *arglist)
JS_ReportError(cx, "JS_SetPrivate failed");
return JS_FALSE;
p->bar = INT_MAX;
js_SyncResolve(cx, obj, NULL, js_uifc_list_class_properties, NULL, NULL, 0);
js_DescribeSyncObject(cx, obj, "Class used to retain UIFC list menu context", 317);
......@@ -927,11 +927,11 @@ int ulist(int mode, int left, int top, int width, int *cur, int *bar
if(i+(height-vbrdrsize-1)>=opts) {
if (*bar > *cur)
*bar = *cur;
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