Commit f37c8544 authored by rswindell's avatar rswindell
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Beautified hash file dump.

parent 25c093f8
......@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@ char *usage=
" i[f] = import msg from text file f (or use stdin)\n"
" e[f] = import e-mail from text file f (or use stdin)\n"
" n[f] = import netmail from text file f (or use stdin)\n"
" h = dump hash table\n"
" h = dump hash file\n"
" s = display msg base status\n"
" c = change msg base status\n"
" d = delete all msgs\n"
......@@ -592,6 +592,7 @@ void viewmsgs(ulong start, ulong count)
void dump_hashes(void)
char tmp[128];
int retval;
hash_t hash;
......@@ -603,10 +604,17 @@ void dump_hashes(void)
while(!smb_feof(smb.hash_fp)) {
printf("%-25s: %lu\n", "number", hash.number);
printf("%-25s: %lx\n", "flags", hash.flags);
printf("%-25s: %s\n", "source", smb_hfieldtype(hash.source));
printf("%-25s: %s\n", "time", my_timestr(&hash.time));
printf("%-10s: %lu\n", "Number", hash.number);
printf("%-10s: %s\n", "Source", smb_hfieldtype(hash.source));
printf("%-10s: %s\n", "Time", my_timestr(&hash.time));
printf("%-10s: %x\n", "Flags", hash.flags);
printf("%-10s: %04x\n", "CRC-16", hash.crc16);
printf("%-10s: %08lx\n","CRC-32", hash.crc32);
printf("%-10s: %s\n", "MD5", MD5_hex(tmp,hash.md5));
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