Synchronet now requires the libarchive development package (e.g. libarchive-dev on Debian-based Linux distros, for more info) to build successfully.

  1. 20 Aug, 2019 2 commits
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      Create sbbs_t::comprintf(), a direct-output printf(), used in place of rprintf() · 074c693c
      rswindell authored
      when "extra raw" output is needed.
      Use putcom() and comprintf() instead of rputs() and rprintf() for ANSI escape
      sequences. This doesn't actually fix any problem, but since rputs() is
      "less raw" than it used to be, let's use direct-output routines instead, for
      ANSI output.
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      Address issue raiseed by Immortal: · 0bcc0416
      rswindell authored
      On Linux, using DOSEMU, he would end up with both door.sys and DOOR.SYS in the
      node directory and some doors would open the wrong file and fail to initialize.
      Solution: delete all case-versions of drop filenames before creating them.
      Don't you just love case-sensitive file systems? :-(
  2. 19 Aug, 2019 2 commits
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      Address issue reported by Clogan: · 4472e206
      rswindell authored
      In *nix builds of addfiles, when adding a file list (e.g. files.bbs), the
      case (capitalization) of the filenames is taken literally from the file list,
      and that may be incorrect in same cases. Detect the correct case of the
      filename and use it when importing into the filebases.
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      Fix for use of save/restoreline() after using rputs() to display a prompt. The · d253a994
      rswindell authored
      line counter was never cleared (upon rputs() of "\n") and the current attribute
      was not saved when a new line was being buffered.
      This applies to JS console.write() as well since it uses rputs().
  3. 18 Aug, 2019 5 commits
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  9. 12 Aug, 2019 7 commits
  10. 09 Aug, 2019 4 commits
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      Don't store the original RCPT TO argument (forward-path) when the message · c1c78bb4
      rswindell authored
      is being forwarded to an external email address. Introduced in rev 1.690,
      user-forwarded emails wouldn't work because sending envelope would contain
      the original forward-path. Thanks again to Alterego (ALTERANT) for testing
      this stuff and reporting issues with detail!
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      Fix off-by-two issue with fgets() calls in printfile() line-at-a-time mode · bf297492
      rswindell authored
      (new). Reported by Alterego (ALTERANT)
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      Fix long standing bug with the global JS function login(): · c65542f8
      rswindell authored
      A few *service.js scripts call this function without a password argument
      (the second argument), e.g. login("guest");
      If there was no guest account (or the guest account had a password assigned),
      this would result in a failed login attempt as "guest" along with a garbage
      password (e.g. a floating point number, like 3.7042561) and since it would
      be a unique garbage password for each login() call without an actual password
      specified, these login() calls would be counted as unique failed login attempts
      and potentially cause the client's IP address to be added to the hack.log
      and even ip.can (IP address filter).
      As seen on Mortifis' system where VERT was filtereed due to
      "SUSPECTED NNTP LOGIN HACK ATTEMPT", likely due to the daily sbbslist
      verifications when just perform a TCP connection and no actual login attempt,
      but nntpservice.js would still call login("guest") before the client (vert)
      would be disconnected.