1. 05 Oct, 2013 5 commits
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      Remove unused variable. · 09f72ccd
      deuce authored
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      SBBSecho version is now 2.22 · 271e5c06
      rswindell authored
      (accidentally bumped 2 versions in previous commit)
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      Better packet header parsing and generation code (eliminated unnecessary · f6efc786
      rswindell authored
      memcpy calls and explicit setting of fields to 0) - this code is just bad.
      The only functional change should be that the SBBSecho product code (0x12FF)
      and major/minor version number is now added to headers of type 2+ packets
      generated by SBBSecho. Type 2 and 2.2 packets will have just 0xff for the
      product code and the SBBSecho major version number in the product "serial
      number" field (as is the common practice). I guess everyone's using type 2+
      packets these days? You don't get 5D addresses with 2+, but SBBSecho doesn't
      really do anything with 5D addresses anyway. <shrug>
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      Output product/revision information. · 49b28fe0
      rswindell authored
      Print wanring if type 2+ orig/dest zones don't match the zone fields in the
      type-2 portion of the header.
      Updated some pkt header field names in fidodefs.h.
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      Fix bug reported by Wilfred van Velzen 2:280/464 introduced in rev 218: · 4ee84e18
      rswindell authored
      system's address was being added to SEEN-BY list twice when destination zone
      was different than the system's zone.
      Another experimental change for Joe (1:249/303) and Wilfred: when parsing
      SEEN-BYs from incoming packets, assume the zone of the nodes in the SEEN-BYs
      is the same as the origin zone of the packet, rather than the destination zone
      of the packet.
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