1. 19 Mar, 2021 8 commits
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      First cut at adding a comment field to listings. · 3a0d88ac
      Deucе authored
      The jury is still out on some details...
      1) If you press ESC while editing the comment, it currently cancels
         the edit.  Would people expect ESC to exit the program instead?
      2) The format/colours of the displayed comment... right now it's
         using the UIFC background colours, and not draing a border or
      3) Just how long should the comment field be, and how should it be
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      Special-case TAB so "backtab" works properly. · 248eb2b5
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      Close Socket on unhandled TLS errors · ec7f57ab
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      While errors on transmit seem to be handled well, errors on receive
      do not, especially through js_recv_line() which has been seen to
      trigger a large number (hundreds) of ECONNRESET errors.  To prevent
      this, simply close the socket when an otherwise unhandled error
      Almost certainly fixes that issue, but the underlying cause is still
      undetermined.  The calling script (imapservice.js) was checking
      Socket.is_connected after each recv_line() call, so if the socket
      was actually reset, it would be expected to only call it once.
      An alternative would be to explicitly handle the error that is
      seen (CRYPT_ERROR_PARAM1), but let's try a generic fix first and see
      of anything breaks because of it.  Most likely issue would be an
      inability to recv() data after calling shutdown(), but I don't think
      many people do that except to move the TIME_WAIT to where they want
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      Limit sends in terminal and web servers to 8k as well. · cb0a3bf5
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      It fixed an issue in js_socket.c, no reason to expect better
      behaviour with TLS.  This may fix SZ YModem-G transfers on
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      Work around exception on spammy mail... · 81e52c9c
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      Don't include the obsolete unstructured regex in abs.unstrctured,
      and use the abnf.unstructured for parsing headers.
      This fixes an issue seen running the IMAP server on gratuitously
      spammy messages.
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      Small fixes for ugetstr() · 295ae393
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      - Backtab also exits with K_TABEXIT when the string is selected
      - Backspace scrolls the text to the left of the cursor to the right
        if the left of the input is not the start of the string.
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      Rename variable for consistency. · c967d666
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