1. 06 Nov, 2017 5 commits
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      Resolve some new(ish) GCC warnings. · 1864ab91
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      SBBSecho v3.02: · 4f84221d
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      Most of the changes are in EchoCfg:
      - SBBSecho and EchoCfg will now maintain auto-backups of the sbbsecho.ini file
      - AutoAddSubs now defaults to true/enabled: this setting is harmless without
        further configuring linked nodes (Uplink for Groups / GroupHub)
      - Global Settings are now a separate sub-menu in EchoCfg
      - EchoCfg remembers current selection on (more) sub-menus
      - Sub-menus have been rearranged and resized
      - Numerous Online Help text updates in EchoCfg
      - Adding missing/new settings to EchoCfg:
        Log Timestamp Format
        Strict Packet Passwords
        Use FTN Domain/Zone Map
        BSY Mutex File Timeout
        BSO Lock Attempt Delay
        BSO Lock Attempt Limit
        Config File Backups
        Linked Nodes->Uplink for Message Groups
        Echo Statistics File
        Outgoing Semaphore File
        Automatically Add New Subs to Area File
        Maximum Backups to Maintain of Area File
        Relay Filtered Messages
        (everything you can set in sbbsecho.ini should now be editable via EchoCfg)
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      Moved fcopy(), fcompare(), and backup() from scfgsave.c to nopen.c so they · cd4c1501
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      can be more easily used by more utilities (e.g. echocfg).
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      uifc.input() changes: · f20c148b
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      - Update bottom-line/status bar with applicable control keys (Ctrl-C/X/V)
      - Ctrl-X now cuts the text to the Clipboard, rather than just deletes
      - Ctrl-C now copies the text to the Clipboard, rather than aborts
      - Ctrl-V now pastes from the Clipboard into the text field, not toggles insert
      The old CUA keyboard equivalents for Copy/Cut/Paste are supported too
      (Ctrl-Ins, Shift-Del, Shift-Ins)
      The system Clipboard is used, just like with the mouse methods of copy/paste.
      ufic.showbuf() changes (used for displaying help text):
      - Fixed the "End" key behavior (actually goes to the bottom of the text)
      - Display up and down arrow glyphs in the lower-right corner/border to indicate
        if the text can be scrolled up or down (e.g. with the arrow keys/etc.).
        If the arrows are mouse-clicked, that simulates the arrow keys being hit.
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      Fix problem with parsing lines that have trailing white-space (i.e. manually edited · 3a2429e1
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      sbbsecho.cfg files), using trimLeft().
      Added more debugging output (when debug is set to true) and display the number of
      nodes, echolist, and packers converted at the end.
      Don't rename converted files unless the extension is ".cfg".
  2. 05 Nov, 2017 3 commits
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  4. 01 Nov, 2017 1 commit
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      Hopefully fix issue with converting auxattr with bit 31 set to/from JS value: · aaa250d1
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      Poll with results "closed" (only visible to pollster until the poll is closed)
      have bit 31 set in the auxattr message header field. Reportedly (by Nightfox)
      this causes Error: can't convert 2147483648 to an integer when attempting
      to use this message in JS.
      I could'vd sworn I've solved this problem before, but maybe that was with
      JS-C v1.5 - anyway, first convert to double using JS_ValueToNumber and then
      typecast to uint32.
      We probably will need to do something similar with the time values in year
      2038 (holding my breath).
  5. 31 Oct, 2017 1 commit
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  8. 28 Oct, 2017 3 commits
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      Fixed an MSVC2013 compilation errors and a couple of NULL pointer dereferences · f6652afc
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      introduced in the previous commit.
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      Fixed typos in comments. · f5695da0
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      EchoStats filename (data/echostats.ini) is now configurable. · 884c19fb
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      EchoStats now contain message timezones (when written) and a "known" flag
      (bad echoes have known = false).
      EchoStats are now sorted before being written to the EchoStats file.
      Fixed bug in getfmsg(): trailing ex-ASCII chars of the message body would be
      chopped-off - go back to using a uchar.
      Re-worked packed-msg import parsing and grunged message detection a bit to
      log more msg details for all EchoStats.
      Added "AutoAddSubs" feature (set to true in sbbsecho.ini to enable):
      - If sub-boards are created (e.g. with SCFG) in one or more message groups, the
        areas can be automatically added to your Area File (areas.bbs)
      - The hub must be first configured in EchoCfg->Linked Nodes and then you set
        the GroupHub key in sbbsecho.ini to the name of the message group that this
        link is the hub for (e.g. "FidoNet"). You can specify multiple groups, if
        necessary, by comma-separating the names.
  9. 26 Oct, 2017 6 commits
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  12. 19 Oct, 2017 2 commits