Synchronet now requires the libarchive development package (e.g. libarchive-dev on Debian-based Linux distros, for more info) to build successfully.

  1. 08 May, 2020 15 commits
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      A more convenient method of creating mouse hot spots in a display (e.g. menu)... · 192dea0e
      rswindell authored
      A more convenient method of creating mouse hot spots in a display (e.g. menu) file: New "HOT:<attr>" @-code allows you to define a specific combination of attributes (colors) that will be used to exclusively create clickable command keys or words in a file. Every set of charcters in the display file that uses that specific combination of attributes will become an automatic mouse hot spot. The <attr> is specified using a set of attribte mnemonics (e.g. "YH" for high-intensity yellow), the same set used in attr.cfg and other places in sbbs.
      This allows more WYSIWYG style menu editing (e.g. use PabloDraw), you just need to be careful with your choice of colors. You cannot send white-space or control characters with this method and the clickable text is the exact text that will be put in the keyboard buffer.
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      Replace e-mail.asc and qwk.asc with *.msg. · 1cd55c22
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      Mousify the QWK settings menu. · 44a4571e
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      Mousify these menus (added mouse hot spots). · 50893565
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      Also make e-mail menu 40-column happy.
      Rename to .msg to make PabloDraw play nice.
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      More mouse hot spot stuff: · e821783a
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      - User Defaults menu mousified
      - When all hot spots have scrolled off the screen, clear the hot spot list
      - Insert new hot spots in the front of the list so they will take precedence
        over any previously defined duplicate hot spots
      - Numeric hot spot commands end in a carriage-return
      - No auto-acceptence of numbers when there are keys in the keyboard buffer
      - Baja UNGETKEY function now inserts keys into the "front" of the keyboard
        buffer (next to be consumed)
      - Hot key @-code command text supports C-style escape sequences
        (allows encoding of ctrl chars, spaces, etc.)
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      Updated: · d018f7ff
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      - InternetMailing
      - AddTextFileBeforeWhich
      - InvalidNetMailAddr
      - XtrnProgLstHdr
      - IceColorTerminalQ
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      Add [last] to AddTextFileBeforeWhich. · 05ffee52
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      Put the example text in parens for IceColorTerminalQ.
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      Add sbbs_t::keybuf_space() and keybuf_level() · a5b0f07f
      rswindell authored
      and JS console.keyboard_buffer_space() and keyboard_buffer_level()
      ... for tracking the number of character spaces used and available in the the (unget)keyboard input buffer.
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      Resolve GCC warning: unused variable 'argv' · 885eda66
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      Resolve GCC warning: format '%u' expects argument of type 'unsigned int', but... · aca3666f
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      Resolve GCC warning: format '%u' expects argument of type 'unsigned int', but argument 4 has type 'long int'
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      Add mouse hot spot support: · 87c9982c
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      - hot spots are clickable screen areas (e.g. in menus and prompts) that   generate key-strokes
      - commands may be from 1 to 127 ASCII-characters in length
      - currently using the X10 mouse reporting mode, may change
      - all mnemonics strings (~Example) are automatically hot-spots
      - The new ~ @-code defines a hot spot
      - Any screen-clear operation clears all hot spots
      - sbbs now tracks the current screen (cursor position) row
      - eliminated the old "tos" (top-of-screen) boolean (row == 0 indicates "tos")
      - created an sbbs_t::ungetstr() method
      - keep track if in pause (hit a key) prompt, for special mouse behavior
      new JS console object:
      - row property
      - tos property is now read-only (and deprecated)
      - new methods:
      redrwstr() gets some UTF8 touch-ups as part of this commit. <shrug>
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      A double-click of the mouse button now selects an item on the menu if... · 949d4ea5
      nightfox authored
      A double-click of the mouse button now selects an item on the menu if multi-select is enabled.  A double-click is detected if 2 mouse clicks happen within 0.4 seconds (arbitrarily chosen).
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      Mention scrollwheel. · 7f20cb76
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  3. 06 May, 2020 8 commits