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      Introduced sbbsecho.ini advanced setting (not yet exposed in echocfg): · 4ea509a0
      rswindell authored
      StrictPacketPasswords (default is "true").
      If you want SBBSecho v3 to behave like SBBSecho v2 with regards to packet
      passwords for linked-nodes with *no* configured packet password, set this value
      to "true" in your sbbsecho.ini file. I don't recommend doing this if you care
      about the "security" of your echomail, but some sysops have been bitten by the
      strict enforcement of the configured password in SBBSecho v3.
      I also fixed some (but not all) of the signed/unsigned value comparison
      warnings reported by msvc2013. Hopefully this didn't introduce any stupid bugs.
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      SBBSecho v3.0: · 2205e969
      rswindell authored
      - If you are upgrading from SBBSecho v2.x, run "jsexec sbbsecho_upgrade.js"
        to convert your ctrl/sbbsecho.cfg to the new ctrl/sbbsecho.ini.
      - Major code overhaul/re-write/modernization
      - ArcMail/Attach/FD mode NOT TESTED: beware if you're using this style mailer!
      - New features:
      + Easier to manage configuration file (sbbsecho.ini)
      + Multiple sysop aliases supported (for receiving netmail)
      + Mutual-exclusion-lock file (ctrl/sbbsecho.bsy) to prevent accidental
         concurrent invocations of SBBSecho
      + FileBoxes (optional inbox and outbox per node, only in BSO mode)
      + EchoList 4-char "flags" are now 25-char "keys" and much easier to deal with
      + Maximum msg age configurable for NetMail and EchoMail (separately)
      + Configurable "Area Manager" user name (default: SYSOP)
      + Configurable "Default Recipient" for netmail (default: SYSOP)
      + Far fewer command-line options, more settings in EchoCfg
      + Old command-lines will still work, but most of the legacy options are just
         ignored now. Run "sbbsecho -?" for command-line syntax and options.
      Other improvements:
      + All Fido kludes, including PATH and SEEN-BY lines are stored in the
         Synchronet Message Base, always (can't be disabled)
      + Better security for inbound EchoMail (passwords are always enforced)
      + More comprehensive log output (the log output is more of a priority than the
        console output now)
      + Increased accuracy for recipient user name/alias matching
      + Higher-level of uniqueness to generated packet filenames
      + All temporary files (e.g. packets in process) are created in an
         SBBSecho-specific temporary file directory
      + No longer auto-terminates when any local key is pressed: use Ctrl-C/Break
         instead to initiate a graceful premature termination
      + Much more help text in echocfg
      + Better organization of settings in echocfg
      + Optional per-node "comments" for use in echocfg->Linked Nodes
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      Fix PSI-Jack reported bug: · 3976c987
      rswindell authored
      When parsing the SBBSecho configuration file (for the USEPACKER, AREAFIX, or
      ECHOLIST items), flags or packer names would be ignored if they began with the
      same sequence of characters which made up a previous configuration item
      (flag or packer name). This appears to be a *very* long standing bug going back
      to the origination of this program by Allen Christiansen (King Drafus).
      Also, long overdue brace style update. Steve Deppe's influence is diminishing.
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      New option: EchoCfg->Toggles->Fwd Circular Msgs to Links · 0664ba8b
      rswindell authored
      (or by adding NOCIRCULARFWD to your sbbsecho.cfg):
      When "Circular Path Detection" is enabled (the default), the old behavior was
      to still forward the message to any links (if there are any), but not import
      the circular/looped message (likely a dupe). Now, if you set this new option
      to no (or add "NOCIRCULARFWD" to your sbbsecho.cfg), the message will be
      completely ignored and not fowarded to any links (if there are any).
      If you have no downlinks or you have circular path detection disabled, this
      new option does nothing. The default is the old behavior (forward circular
      Also updated the Toggle Options help text in echocfg (many options weren't
  11. 15 Jan, 2014 1 commit
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      Implement feature request from access_d: ZONE_BLIND threshold · b1b4fc72
      rswindell authored
      If the ZONE_BLIND option is specified in the sbbsecho.cfg file and it is
      followed by a decimal number (e.g. "ZONE_BLIND 4"), then all zones less
      than or equal to that number (the threshold) will be treated as a single zone
      and all zones greater than that number (the threshold) will be treated as
      separate zones (normal FTN behavior). The default zone blind threshold is
      0xffff (all possible zones), when zone blind is used.
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      Implement non-standard SEEN-BY and PATH line creation/parsing logic as · fe560a7f
      rswindell authored
      requested by Joe (1:249/303), Wilfred (2:280/464) and Michiel (2:280/5555) for
      their little 3-node inter-zonal FTN:
      "Zone Blind" option (enabled in echofg->Toggle Options or by adding a line
      containing the string "ZONE_BLIND" to the sbbsecho.cfg file). This option
      causes zones to be ignored (back to the 2D addresses of the 80s) when parsing
      and generating SEEN-BY and PATH kludge lines in echomail messages.
      Incremented version to 2.23.
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