Synchronet now requires the libarchive development package (e.g. libarchive-dev on Debian-based Linux distros, for more info) to build successfully.

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      Vertical scrollbar fixes. · 8bdcd999
      deuce authored
      Initial support for hailing...
      So far just online chat works as intended.
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      Support UTF-8 auto-detection for MacOS Terminal v2.8.3 (404.1): · 96eff48e
      rswindell authored
      Unexpectedly, a ZWNBSP (U+FEFF) received/echoed by the MacOS Terminal while in
      the first column causes a subsequent cursor position report to indicate the 2nd
      column as the current only. I suppose in some weird world a zero-width
      character can can't as a column position. So if the cursor position has moved
      less than 2 columns (not exactly 0 columns), then consider it a UTF-8 terminal.
      Non-UTF-8 terminals normally move the cursor 3 columns when echoing a UTF-8
      encoded ZWNBSP. So to summarize, when echoing a ZWNBSP:
      - Non-UTF-8 terminals: moves 3 columns
      - MacOS terminal: moves 1 columns
      - Other UTF-8 terminals: moves 0 columns
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      Fix the weapon/armour requirements. The calculation was very wrong, so · 3f47f28e
      deuce authored
      you couldn't actually get the ones that should have unlocked.  This was
      most important on the armour... later levels you could afford decent armour,
      but your base defence would never be high enough.
      Of course, I fix this *after* I kill the dragon in the beta testing game.
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      When a Q-restricted account logs-in using a '*' prefix to their login name, · 2eee03d0
      rswindell authored
      toggle OFF the QWK-logon status. This allows QWKnet accounts to perform
      other non-QWK operations, like change their password.
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      The long-await much-anticipated Minesweeper 2.0: · 82cffffd
      rswindell authored
      * Lost games now logged in losers.jsonl, viewable in the game, not shared
      * The new 'L' command shows all local wins and losses, most recent first
      * Use the CP437 "F with a hook" character for flag indicator
      * Added support for an uncertain (?) block marker
      * Multiple block-selector styles available, use Ctrl-S to cycle through
      * TAB key toggles the area-highlight feature
      * Center the game board vertifically in the terminal
      * Blink the clock red when there are 5 minutes or less of time left
      * (R)eveal command changed to (D)ig, it is a mine *field* after-all! :-0
      * Disable more global hot keys while in the game: Ctrl-K/O/Z
      * Save/restore user preferences for difficulty level, highlight, and selector
      * Support for "Chording" a time-saving move that can be used to uncover all
        covered/unflagged blocks surrounding a previously-uncovered block with the
        correct number of flagged blocks surrounding it. Via the 'C' key.
      * Don't prompt for difficulty level when first running the game.
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      Implement mail. · 1b8917f2
      deuce authored
      Only Hail is left on the TODO pile.
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