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      Add ftn_nodelist.js, a super-cool FTN nodelist parser. · 3baaaa85
      deuce authored
      I likely wrote this so BinkIT could make NetMail great again... then I moved
      to Michigan and got drunk.
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      Don't strip leading whitespace from "desc" and "ldesc" lines. · 2c881fbc
      deuce authored
      A lot of LDesc stuff has leading whitespace.
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      When executing non-native (e.g. 16-bit DOS) programs, set the PCBNODE · aee4d8ff
      rswindell authored
      environment variable (to the same value as SBBSNNUM) as some door games
      (e.g. Bordello, by T&J Software) have support for this environment variable
      built into their configuration file parsing. This makes setting up multiple
      nodes much easier/faster, as you can re-use the same configuration file for
      all of them by just specifying this environment variable in the .cfg file
      (e.g. "c:\sbbs\node%PCBNODE%\door.sys"). Unfortunately, you can't use just
      *any* environment variable, it has to be one of the ones specifically supported
      by their programs (or door frame door kit?). Anyway, this simple hack can save
      a lot of time setting up some of these doors.
      I did not do this for executing native (32-bit) programs as I'm pretty sure
      there was never a 32-bit version of PCBoard, so that wouldn't make much sense.
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      Version 1.17 beta 49: Fixed a bug when marking messages as 'read' when the... · 7429c32c
      nightfox authored
      Version 1.17 beta 49: Fixed a bug when marking messages as 'read' when the user reads messages that were written to them - It was getting an 'expanded headers' error with recent builds (on/after December 1, 2017).  A similar error used to happen occasionally but not all the time.
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