1. 04 Mar, 2021 7 commits
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      Un doodly doo doo. · 263001ac
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      Start of a timeout handing framework. · 28ad40b1
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      As of this commit, LORD2 keeps track of the last time a key was
      pressed, and a timeout occurs five minutes after that if it's
      waiting for a key.  This has issues as the getstr() timeout does
      not behave in this manner.
      However, if the timeout callback style works, getstr() and the other
      dk functions can grow callback support pretty easily, and this seems
      like it may be the best way forward.
      Further, disconnect handling should be tied up in this, and dorkit
      does not have very robust features for this.  In most cases, a
      disconnect will be treated the same as a timeout, so the same solution
      should likely be usable by both.
      The biggest challenge is preventing the need for all the code to
      have exceptional condition handling, which can be quite tricky as
      battles can end by running a REF file (For example, the training
      centre).  This would mean all code paths reachable via REF calls
      would need to fail nicely in the face of a connection loss/timeout.
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      Ignore TBD data files. · 1308a2e4
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      Ignore filenames in subject that aren't valid filenames, e.g. "Fwd:" · e779b88d
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      There were 2 bug identified by issue #230:
      - the "Fwd:" prefix being added to the message subject was being treated as a filename. I first thought to just remove this subject tag, but then thought it best to just ignore obviously invalid filenames in the subject in the first place.
      - when forwarding files to a netmail address, the 'to' extension (user number) is 0, so the file will be in the data/file/####.out directory of the sender instead.
      We have 4 places (at least) where the message subjects are parsed and only one of those places currently supports quoted filenames (e.g. with spaces in them) and some of the others (e.g. QWK) don't support multiple filenames at all. That should be fixed.
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      Make main and transfer menus easier to edit with PabloDraw · b1908193
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      Renamed from *.asc to *.msg
      Replaced mouse hot-spot @-codes with the color-coded hotspots
      Removed trailling newline in head.* to avoid line-wrap in PabloDraw
      on @ include line
      The Sysop Menu line still wraps (in PD) - no easy solution for that
      just yet.
      For nickshanks1 in IRC.
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      Remove 2.5 second delay at end of game (?!) · 09e36640
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      While we're looking at the exit behaviour, use the recfile close
      method now instead of f.file.close().
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