1. 12 Nov, 2016 1 commit
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      MsgBase methods now exclude vote messages by default: · 294cd729
      rswindell authored
      - get_msg_index()
      - get_msg_header()
      - get_all_msg_headers()
      these functions all accept a new (optonal, last) bool argument "include_votes"
      which defaults to false. So if for some reason, you want to load votes, just
      pass an additional 'true' argument.
      ToDo: polls and vote tallying.
      At least for now, existing JS stuff that uses the MsgBase object won't get
      messed up by the new voting messages.
  2. 03 Dec, 2015 1 commit
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      Bug-fix/enhancement: Allow QWKnet netmail to be sent using the JavaScript · d2892791
      rswindell authored
      MsgBase.save_msg() method. The bug was that it was forcing the idx.to value to
      0 which would only work (in theory) for mail going to a QWKnet hub.
      Now, save_msg() will check the 'to_net_addr' property of the header object
      (or recipient objects) and actually verify that it/they are routeable QWKnet
      address(es) and throw an exception if not.
      If the first hop is a QWKnet node, sets the to_ext (and thus, idx.to value) to
      the account number of the node. This also looks up full-routes via the
      route.dat and replaces the to_net_addr value with the full route if necessary.
      I guess nobody (including me) tried sending QWKnet netmail via JS before.
  3. 26 Nov, 2015 1 commit
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      Make the SMB plain-text only feature available to users of the · 83cd7103
      rswindell authored
      MsgBase.get_msg_body() method: added an additional boolean argument (following
      the 'include_tails' argument), which defaults to false (disabled). Pass true
      for this argument to enable this feature. Yes, JS-authors could do this parsing
      easily via JS, but I figure so long as this feature is in the SMBLIB, might as
      well expose it to JS for consistency (e.g. in 3rd party message reader mods).
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      Store scfg_t* in JS runtime private rather than object private or global · 451ca678
      rswindell authored
      variable (with various race conditions). This resolves a long LONG standing
      bug that caused crashes when shutting down or recycling servers/services
      while one or more servers/services were in use.
      This change requires every thread which calls into libjs to have its own JS
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      Created new SMB fixed header field: thread_id which contains the message number · bdfe0f79
      rswindell authored
      of the first message in the thread, or 0 if unknown (e.g. legacy message). When
      a new message is created, the thread_id value of the message being replied-to
      will be used, else if the new msg is not a reply, then the new message's number
      will be the value used for the thread_id.
      This "thread-id" feature (Deuce's idea) allows threads with a common parent to
      remain logically grouped after the original messages in the thread have been
      purged (though the original hiearchy will start to be lost).
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      Check the return of JS_ValueToInt32() and return false in method/property · c1fdb1b1
      deuce authored
      functions when an excpetion is pending.
      Some work still needs to be done on js_msgbase.c,  js_user.c, and mailsrvr.c
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      "Fix" problem as a result of the change to JSVAL_IS_NUM() · b2d7cf7e
      deuce authored
      Perviously, if the argument to a number of bbs.* functions was not a valid
      number, Synchronet would silently ignore the parameter and treat it as though
      it was not specified.
      The new behaviour was to use the value as a number.  However, the old code
      caused the exception triggered by an inability to convert the number to
      be pending until after the return (the JS_Native didn't return JS_FALSE) so
      a try/catch block aorund it would not catch the exception.
      The new new behaviour is to throw the exception immediately so it can be
      caught and handled correctly.
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