1. 08 Dec, 2016 4 commits
  2. 06 Dec, 2016 8 commits
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      Make area file (e.g. areas.bbs) not case-sensitive. i.e. AREAS.BBS or areas.bbs · 37afe84a
      rswindell authored
      or Areas.BBS will all be found/opened successfully if "areas.bbs" is used.
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      Beautified/colorized the thread listing a bit. · 91b3fd22
      rswindell authored
      Make sure pause ([Hit a key]) prompt doesn't appear on the same line as the
      Reading prompt.
      The '?' command now turns off "Thread View Mode".
      Backspace is now treated the same as '-' (move backwards through sub).
      When in Thread View mode, moving backwards now first searches for a thread
      with a lower thread ID and if that fails, look for any thread with a different ID.
      New Thread Nav command: Home (move to first msg in thread) and End (move
      to last message in thread). Last in this context means the last reply to last
      reply to the original message (not necessarily the newest reply). This is most
      obvious how this works when in Thread View mode.
      Moving forward through the sub (+ or <CR>) while in Thread View Mode now
      searches first for a thread with a higher thread ID, and if that fails, then
      any thread with a different ID.
      I experimented with not clearing the screen (homing the cursor and using clear
      to end of screen to remove old data), to avoid the "flash" while browing a
      thread, but both Netrunner and mTelnet appear to not support the <ESC>[J
      terminal escape sequence (clear to end of screen) correctly.
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      Fixed use of smb_get_first_in_thread(). · ced4f669
      rswindell authored
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      Cut 75% off of the inactivity hang-up timeout when a terminal type (e.g. ANSI) · 59dbf450
      rswindell authored
      is not auto-detected. These hacking bots and scripts don't support ANSI.
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      New functions: · f6e9f886
      rswindell authored
      - smb_next_in_thread
      - smb_last_in_branch
      - smb_last_in_thread
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      putmsg() (used to display menus, text files, messages to the terminal console) · 8edfebc7
      rswindell authored
      no longer ignores Ctrl-Z characters (CP/M EOF) by default. If you want the
      old behavior (Ctrl-Z characters not displayed, just skipped), specify the
      P_CPM_EOF mode flag.
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      New console control @-codes: · 413e624f
      rswindell authored
      HOME - homes cursor (to upper left, 1:1)
      CLRLINE - clears current line (cursor to column 1)
      CLR2EOL - clears to end-of-current-line (doesn't move cursor)
      CLR2EOS - clears to end of screen (doesn't move cursor)
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      New Ctrl-A codes: · 5bf12c0d
      rswindell authored
      'J' - Clear to End-of-Screen, for ANSI users sends <ESC>[J, nothing otherwise
      '`' - Home Cursor, for ANSI users sends <ESC>[H, form feed otherwise
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