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      A few notes on keybindings: · 2b2a9811
      deuce authored
      I am not completely opposed to changing some keybindings.  However, the current
      ones fall into three catagories:
      1) "Keepers" ones that I like and would need a very good reason to change.
      2) "Lukewarm" ones I understand but don't particularily like very much.
      3) "Changers" ones I would change in a heartbeat if I had an alternative.
      The breakdown is as follows:
      Keepers:  ABCEFGHIJLMRW
      Lukewarm: VXY
      Changers: OQU_
      The reason X and Y are in lukewarm instead of changers is that PgUp/PgDn should
      be both close together and enterable with one hand in my opinion.
      The following CTRL keys are currently unused: DKNPT\
      CTRL-Q and CTRL-S I do *not* want to use without alternates as they are the
      Xon/Xoff chars used in flow control and are sometimes impossible to send from
      a terminal.
      I am open to suggestions.