1. 11 Apr, 2016 7 commits
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      Address warnings reported by GCC 4.9.2. · 36c8d644
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      SBBSecho v3.0: · 2205e969
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      - If you are upgrading from SBBSecho v2.x, run "jsexec sbbsecho_upgrade.js"
        to convert your ctrl/sbbsecho.cfg to the new ctrl/sbbsecho.ini.
      - Major code overhaul/re-write/modernization
      - ArcMail/Attach/FD mode NOT TESTED: beware if you're using this style mailer!
      - New features:
      + Easier to manage configuration file (sbbsecho.ini)
      + Multiple sysop aliases supported (for receiving netmail)
      + Mutual-exclusion-lock file (ctrl/sbbsecho.bsy) to prevent accidental
         concurrent invocations of SBBSecho
      + FileBoxes (optional inbox and outbox per node, only in BSO mode)
      + EchoList 4-char "flags" are now 25-char "keys" and much easier to deal with
      + Maximum msg age configurable for NetMail and EchoMail (separately)
      + Configurable "Area Manager" user name (default: SYSOP)
      + Configurable "Default Recipient" for netmail (default: SYSOP)
      + Far fewer command-line options, more settings in EchoCfg
      + Old command-lines will still work, but most of the legacy options are just
         ignored now. Run "sbbsecho -?" for command-line syntax and options.
      Other improvements:
      + All Fido kludes, including PATH and SEEN-BY lines are stored in the
         Synchronet Message Base, always (can't be disabled)
      + Better security for inbound EchoMail (passwords are always enforced)
      + More comprehensive log output (the log output is more of a priority than the
        console output now)
      + Increased accuracy for recipient user name/alias matching
      + Higher-level of uniqueness to generated packet filenames
      + All temporary files (e.g. packets in process) are created in an
         SBBSecho-specific temporary file directory
      + No longer auto-terminates when any local key is pressed: use Ctrl-C/Break
         instead to initiate a graceful premature termination
      + Much more help text in echocfg
      + Better organization of settings in echocfg
      + Optional per-node "comments" for use in echocfg->Linked Nodes
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      Terminology update: packer->archive · 2b6c3048
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      Define FIDO_AREATAG_LEN (35 chars). · c1736ae3
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      After converting sbbsecho.cfg to sbbsecho.ini, rename sbbsecho.cfg to · f7bd655b
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      sbbsecho.cfg.old to avoid confusion and make sure any other software/scripts
      that might use sbbsecho.cfg are now directed not to (and hopefully use
      sbbsecho.ini instead).
      DO NOT RUN THIS SCRIPT until you are ready to upgrade to SBBSecho v3 (which
      is not yet in CVS).
      If you upgrade to SBBSecho v3 without running this script, you won't have any
      of your previous settings (you can run the script after running SBBSecho v3).
      If you run the script witOUT upgrading to SBBSecho v3, you'll lose your
      settings, but you can just rename sbbecho.cfg.old to sbbsecho.cfg to get them
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      Added a "Options" checkbox to "Use the Official Synchronet BBS List as your · 4ac0aac8
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      System BBS List" - default is checked. Unchecking this box eliminates the
      so-called "forced advertising" that occurs when installing this package, but
      you also end up with an empty BBS list by default.
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      Now updates bbs.posts_read so that the posts read for the current session is... · b485752e
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      Now updates bbs.posts_read so that the posts read for the current session is accurate.  Also did some internal code refactoring - Removed code which is no longer used (it was leftover code for an older-style reader interface from my message lister, now not used in favor of the new reader interface).  This is a "beta" version but seems to be fairly stable, so a non-beta release update will likely come soon.
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