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      * Mail processors may now be configured to not run for DNSBL-listed servers or · 729eb16b
      rswindell authored
        SPAM-bait takers by using the mailproc.ini keys ProcessDNSBL and ProcessSPAM
        (default: True) respectively.
      * sockmimetext() (used for sending message text over SMTP and POP3) now handles
        lines longer than 998 characters correctly (doesn't drop any characters).
        We may need to change this function to split at 510 chars for POP3 and/or use
        quoted-printable content-transfer-encoding for messages with long lines.
      * "!SMTP ..." log lines changed to "SMTP ..." for non-terminal SPAM-related log
      * Handle header "field : value" syntax for subject, from, and to field parsing
         for early filtering.
      * Don't tag message (subject and/or header) from DNSBL-listed servers when
         DNSBL_IGNORE option is set.
      * Don't hash message subjects < 10 chars in length (too short for SPAM
      * Support Base64 and Quoted-Printable Content-Transfer-Encodings in SMTP
         message headers (decode and store message body accordingly).
      * Clear mailproc 'to' match results when receiving SMTP MAIL FROM command.
      * Allow SMTP authenticated clients to feed the SPAM database by sending mail
        to one of the spam-bait addresses (the sender won't be added to
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      Initial work on Usuper32 - Royal Revolt · 063d926e
      deuce authored
      This is intended to (eventually) be a translation of the current Usurper
      Pascal code into C with the only major change being the use of memory mapped
      files for IPC and game data.
      This model should help greatly with the most common Usurper issues, but it
      adds the constraint that all nodes must be running on the same system.
      Initially, game play is intended to be identical, and new bugs will be
      introduced from the C translation.  As such, this is not intended as a
      replacement for Usurper in the near future except the code is being written
      for *nix systems initially and will be ported to Win32 at a later time.
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      Updated Tracker1's contact info and added emailval.txt contents (instructions) · ec50c2ba
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      to the comment block.
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