Synchronet now requires the libarchive development package (e.g. libarchive-dev on Debian-based Linux distros, for more info) to build successfully.

  1. 19 Jul, 2019 1 commit
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      Support for a 3rd line of RESULT.ED drop file (from external message editors): · 4444e7ff
      rswindell authored
      Full editor name and version details (up to 127 chars), for use in the EDITOR
      msg header field which is propagated over QWK networks.
      From what I could find, the WWIV RESULT.ED file format only ever contained 2
      <Anonymous: 0/1>
      So adding support for an optional 3rd line should be fine and backwards
      compatible. Hopefully WWIV or its message editors don't define a different
      "standard" 3rd line in the future. :-)
  2. 18 Jul, 2019 9 commits
  3. 17 Jul, 2019 4 commits
  4. 16 Jul, 2019 16 commits
  5. 15 Jul, 2019 10 commits
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      Attempt to fix issues on x86 systems by driving a final stake through all · f930b307
      deuce authored
      inline asm stuff (cl-noasm-defines.patch).
      This (of course) revealed an issue with 64-bit systems not building properly
      so cl-bn-noasm64-fix.patch fixes this again.
      There should no longer be any inline (or out of line) asm, so any more
      illegal instruction errors are likely to be the fault of the compiler or
      the compiler flags.
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      Grab the blinker lock to silence coverity... since it's just the cursor · f78b05dd
      deuce authored
      size that's being protected in this case, it doesn't *really* matter, but
      it's a technical flaw.
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      Fix some resizing issues. · 9bc3dec0
      deuce authored
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      Fix issues with the feature added in rev 1.96 by deuce, Jun 17 2012: · 08a95e22
      rswindell authored
      Setting[1-4], exemptions, or restrictions to a string value
      would result in unexpected modified values:
      1. The exiting flags were all based on the current value of flags1 (copy/paste
          error it appears)
      2. The set/removed/added flags were all "off-by-one" because str_to_bits()
          treats 'A' as bit-1, not bit-0.
      emailval.js is now using this feature and PSI-Jack reported the "interesting"
      behavior. :-)
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      Fixed typo in previous commit. Oops. · da3e5c4b
      rswindell authored
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      New modopts.ini option: expiration_after_validation (default: false) · e425b16d
      rswindell authored
      If this value is false (the default), then a validated user's account will
      be set to *not* expire.
      If this value is true, then a validated user's account expiration status
      won't be changed unless the expiration_days_after_validation option is also
      set, in which case the expiration date will be reset based on that setting.
      Document the new modopts.ini [logon] email_validation option to enable use of
      this module.
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      Fix long-standing issue with File.attributes on Windows: the value *read* · 16e4d35d
      rswindell authored
      was based on _finddata_t.attrib value while the value *written* was based on
      struct stat.st_mode, and totally incompatible.
      Just use the stat/chmod compatible value for both read and write (for all
      OSes). If you need the old Windows-centric attribute values (e.g. to determine
      "hidden" or "archive" attributes), use file_attrib() instead.
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      On Windows, the return value of getfattr() is not compatible with chmod() · d6e6cf7d
      rswindell authored
      (totally differnet bit values).
      So create getfmode() which is a thin wrapper for stat() and can be used to read
      a chmod()-comopatible value on all supported OSes.
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      If you're using emailval.js, you no longer need to modify your copy of logon.js · 46e910aa
      rswindell authored
      to do so. Just set email_validation = true in the [logon] section of your
      ctrl/modopts.ini file instead.
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      New global JS function: file_mode() · f1ed1c6b
      rswindell authored
      This function behaves the same as file_attrib() on *nix, but on Windows,
      file_mode() returns a *nix/stat style st_mode value (compatible with
      file_chmod) while file_attrib() returns the struct _finddata_t 'attrib' value,
      which is a quite different value (e.g. indicates Windows/DOS centric file
      attributes like "archive", "hidden", etc.) and is *incompatible* with
      file_chmod(). So if you're going to modify a file's permissions (mode), use
      file_mode() to read them and file_chmod() to save them.
      file_attrib() should really only be used on Windows and only for checking for
      attributes like "hidden", "archive", etc. (which don't exist on *nix).