1. 13 May, 2021 10 commits
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      Keep correct aspect ratio when resizing window. · 5f027c49
      Deucе authored
      Also, the 8x16 font at 80x25 is *not* a square pixel aspect ratio.
      As a result, it now stays "proper", which is likely not what you
      This was discovered when I was trying to make DigitalMan happy
      because he wanted the apsect ratio retained on scaling.
      Sorry for the impending imminent scaling hassle DigitalMan!
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      Don't populate metadata property unless there is metadata · 2b047cf6
      Rob Swindell authored
      Or detail level is MAX.
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      Allow the metadata property to be set with add() and update() · 1c96d408
      Rob Swindell authored
      Sorry for the impending imminent merge hassle Deuce!
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      Eliminate list_archive_contents() · 75b575f1
      Rob Swindell authored
      Do this in JS and use JSON for format instead of .ini.
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      The optional JSON-metadata string property is now "metadata" · b3d55fd2
      Rob Swindell authored
      The old "content" array property goes away.
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      Add smooth scaling to X11 output · cae45cbd
      Deucе authored
      Uses "pointyscale" for x3 and x5
      Uses xBR from FFmpeg for x2 and x4
      HQx is also included, but unused as it's too slow at x4.
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      Attempt to resolve "!ERROR 11 receiving from socket" reported by plt · 3202b477
      Rob Swindell authored
      <plt> May 13 00:39:40 sbbs synchronet: term Node 1 <plt> append key into keybuf: 4E (N)
      <plt> May 13 00:39:40 sbbs synchronet: term Node 1 <plt> Executing external: /sbbs/exec/sexyz 14 -Telnet sz /mnt/disk1/dl/COCO/AGI/agi-xmas.zip
      <plt> May 13 00:39:40 sbbs synchronet: term Node 1 <plt> sexyz: Synchronet External X/Y/ZMODEM  v3.0  master/23b741a1  Copyright Rob Swindell
      <plt> May 13 00:39:40 sbbs synchronet: term Node 1 <plt> sexyz: !File skipped by receiver
      <plt> May 13 00:39:40 sbbs synchronet: term Node 1 <plt> sexyz: !File Skipped
      <plt> May 13 00:39:40 sbbs synchronet: term Node 1 <plt> sexyz: !0 Aborting Transfer (Sending ZABORT)
      <plt> May 13 00:39:40 sbbs synchronet: term Node 1 !ERROR 11 receiving from socket 14
      <plt> May 13 00:39:40 sbbs synchronet: term Node 1 input thread terminated (received 365 bytes in 35 blocks)
      Not sure why this isn't happening for other sysops - perhaps plt was spying on the node?
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      Remove the archive contents in SMB file "tail" thing · 23b741a1
      Rob Swindell authored
      This was really slowing down the upgrade_to_v319 and there's no current consumer of the data.
      Consider adding back in JSON format later or just leave it to JS things to use for JSON-formatted metadata.
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      Fix crash in smb_addfile_withlist() when passed a non-NULL empty list · cfee914f
      Rob Swindell authored
      Don't allocate and memset a buffer of -1:
      #1  0x0000559222bc167f in strListCombine (list=0x559224220720, buf=0x559224226550 "", maxlen=18446744073709551615,
          delimit=0x559222bcce0a "\r\n") at str_list.c:447
      447             memset(buf, 0, maxlen);
      (gdb) print maxlen
      $1 = 18446744073709551615
      (gdb) up
      #2  0x0000559222ba3841 in smb_addfile_withlist (smb=0x7ffce63a7e90, file=0x7ffce63a5bc0, storage=1, extdesc=0x0,
          list=0x559224220720, path=0x7ffce63a6e80 "/xfer/loons/manhater.mp3") at smbfile.c:365
      365                     strListCombine(list, content, size - 1, "\r\n");
      (gdb) print list
      $2 = (str_list_t) 0x559224220720
      (gdb) print list[0]
      $3 = 0x0
      Found/reported by plt via irc. Thanks!
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      Speed up list_archive_contents() · 024319d6
      Rob Swindell authored
      Don't use iniSet* since we know we're not updating existing ini entries. Use strListAppendFormat() instead.
  2. 11 May, 2021 3 commits
  3. 10 May, 2021 5 commits
  4. 08 May, 2021 1 commit
  5. 07 May, 2021 2 commits
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      Change CRLF before batch flag prompt to a conditional new-line. · a9214ac4
      Rob Swindell authored
      If a sysop wants a *blank* line before the batch flag prompt, they can put that (or a conditional blank line, even better) in their text.dat (BatchFlagPrompt). For now, I'm thinking no blank line before the prompt is better use of the screen.
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      More improvements... · 19f0c215
      Deucе authored
      Consistently use map_rip_color()
      Optimize flood fill to not clobber the stack
      Fix small full ellipses to match RIPTerm 1.54
  6. 06 May, 2021 1 commit
  7. 05 May, 2021 6 commits
  8. 04 May, 2021 5 commits
  9. 03 May, 2021 4 commits
  10. 02 May, 2021 3 commits