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      Poll display support: · ae7c2f8b
      rswindell authored
      * uses new text.dat strings:
      - PollVoteNotice
      - PollAnswerNumber
      - PollAnswerFmt
      - PollAnswerChecked
      The actual answer of a poll is still crude (uses the old crufty uselect scheme)
      and doesn't support multiple-choice polls. This will be addressed.
  8. 15 Nov, 2016 1 commit
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      Changes to MsgSubj, MsgAttr, and MsgTo strings so that messages without a "to" · 101676f2
      rswindell authored
      field can have that line automatically stripped from the displayed header:
      - The \r\n's were moved from the end of the MsgSubj and MsgAttr strings
      to the beginning of the MsgAttr and MsgTo strings.
      Also, fixed the number in the VoteMsgUpDownOrQuit comment.
      Removed "I'm" from the "Sorry.." vote related strings.
  9. 13 Nov, 2016 2 commits
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      Replaced text.dat line MsgVoteNotice with 2 new strings: MsgUpVoteNotice and · 7c17c5f2
      rswindell authored
      Also moved the R_Voting string, so the last few voting related strings in the
      text.dat have been re-arranged (sorry about the thrash) - if you don't have
      these new 8 lines, the default strings are used and you're fine.
      When listing messages from the "Reading" prompt, the vote status and Replied
      attribute flag are now indicated: 'V' = voted up (more than down), 'v' = voted
      down (more than up), and 'R' = replied-to. Unread/new messages still show a '*'
      in the A (for attributes) column.
      Voting via JS still does not automatically send a notice to the poster, that
      still needs to be worked out.
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      Updated the default MsgVoteNotice. · 6cb7aa64
      rswindell authored
  10. 10 Nov, 2016 1 commit
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      Message voting via QWKnet is now fully implemented: · 74902cee
      rswindell authored
      - Users can be restricted from voting with the 'V' restriction
      - Sub-boards can be disalbled for voting in SCFG
      - VOTING.DAT can be include/excluded from QWK packets via user cfg
        (when a VOTING.DAT is received in a REP, the user cfg flag is auto-set)
      - Adds several new text.dat lines (if not present in yours, uses the default)
      What's not yet implemented:
      - Notification of votes on your posted messages
      - Method to view/audit all votes
      - Polling
      - Any special handling to auto-exclude votes from msg-related JavaScripts
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      Introduce new node status (NODE_LOGOUT), which is used for the status of a node · 1d847ed3
      rswindell authored
      after a user (has been) disconnected and before the node transitions to waiting
      for connection (WFC) status. Usually the duration of this status is very short,
      but it can be longer (e.g. for running log-out module and event) and for (new)
      msg-scan pointer fix-ups.
      Updated logout() to remove some cruft and add some more log/debug output.
      Automatic new-scan pointer fix-ups when performing new-message scans (if the
      current pointer is greater than the last message number, set it to the last
      message number) and when saving message pointers.
      Passing user_t* to get/putmsgptrs() instead of message number now (to better
      detect Guest account).
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      Implemented the SCAN_UNREAD mode bit for scansubs(), scanallsubs(), · 0d51d960
      rswindell authored
      scanposts(), and listsub(). These functions are exposed in the JS 'bbs' object
      as scan_subs(), scan_msgs(), and list_msgs().
      Wherease previously, all of "your messages" (messages addressed to you)
      would be found/displayed if the user answered (Y)es to the "Subjects Only?"
      prompt, and only un-read message (to you) would be displayed if they answered
      (N)o to the "Subjects Only?", providing long-standing confusion about the
      different behavior, now the user is prompted whether to display un-read
      messages only (in scansubs/scanallsubs), and in the case of the logon
      question to "Search all subs for un-read messages to you?", only un-read
      messages are listed/displayed, regardless of how the user answers the
      "Subjects Only?" question.
      SCAN_UNREAD is only applicable when combined with SCAN_TOYOU.
      Added new commands to the msg reading prompt: 'N' (list new messages), 'U'
      list un-read messages to-you.
      2 new text.dat entries: DisplayUnreadMessagesOnlyQ and NoMessagesFound
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