1. 06 Sep, 2018 2 commits
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  3. 31 Aug, 2018 1 commit
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      try { to load each module } catch (err) { and log failures } · 92d31c76
      echicken authored
      If a single DB file fails parsing on init, the service crashes, restarts,
      and this goes on until the bad JSON file is deleted/fixed.
      Should consider file_backup when writing DBs out to the local
      floppy diskette drive, so the sysop has something recent to revert to.
  4. 29 Aug, 2018 1 commit
  5. 28 Aug, 2018 9 commits
  6. 26 Aug, 2018 1 commit
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      Nelgin's change: · e32e21f3
      rswindell authored
      it should fix the issue of tic files being generated with @domain added to
      the From: line and putting tickit into an endless loop.
  7. 24 Aug, 2018 1 commit
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      The "DOS" ARS keyword has just been a "false" trigger since v3 (1999) but · b03b6511
      rswindell authored
      I have a new use for it in the v3 Terminal Server, it now follows the
      "NO_DOS" option in the [bbs] section of the sbbs.ini file. So if you have
      multiple Win32 instances of sbbs (like I do), but only some of them
      support DOS programs, you can now use this ARS keyword to enable/disable
      access to a program based on the existance of DOS support. For example,
      I have some 16-bit DOS message editors where I had the ARS set to
      "WIN32", but on my 64-bit Windows instance of sbbs (vert.synchro.net),
      16-bit DOS programs aren't supported while on my 32-bit Windows instance
      (bbs.synchro.net) they are. So I needed a good run-time check for whether
      DOS programs were supported or not and this old ARS keyword seemed the
      right fit. For Linux builds, this keyword will only evaluate to true if
      built with the USE_DOSEMU option.
      This is only true of the Terminal Server - use of "DOS" ARS keyword in
      other servers and services will still just evaluate to "false".
  8. 22 Aug, 2018 1 commit
  9. 21 Aug, 2018 1 commit
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      Nelgin's mod (cleaned-up): · 6f58ced6
      rswindell authored
      If a tickit.ini area section has "ForceReplace=true", then it'll treat
      all the incoming .tic files for that area as though they have a "Replaces"
  10. 20 Aug, 2018 1 commit
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      From Retro Guy: · 62959696
      rswindell authored
      The modifications are all near the bottom, just to check whether to display
      header, leftnav, rightnav etc.
  11. 17 Aug, 2018 1 commit
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  13. 15 Aug, 2018 4 commits
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      This is just something I noticed while looking into the change for the · 24f68cc2
      rswindell authored
      previous commit: don't clear the line counter or call pause() - which will
      do nothing - if the console abort flag is set.
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      This is a bit of a hack for Nelgin, who noticed that novice menu mode · f61e7d93
      rswindell authored
      would not always auto-redisplay menu files when the user hits 'Q' (or 'N'
      or Ctrl-C) at auto-pause prompts:
      When displaying a "message" (e.g. file), if the console abort flag is set
      before a single line has been displayed, clear the abort flag. This most
      likely means a pause (hit a key) prompt was automatically displayed due to
      a clear screen code in the message/file and the user hit 'Q' or 'N' or
      Ctrl-C at the prompt. In this special case, don't treat that as an
      "abort message" command and keep displaying the message/file.
      Once one or more lines in the message/file have been displayed, then the
      behavior is the same as before: a console abort (even as a result of an
      auto-pause prompt key) will stop the display of the current message/file.
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      Fix problem reported by Nelgin: · 833246cf
      rswindell authored
      In External programs after running Sycnrhonet BBS List you get
      "Returning to <BBS> - hit a key". If you presss Q you get a blank external
      menu menu rather than the full menu.
      The main problem was the line counter, so clearing after returning from
      executing an external program (unless the forced pause thing is on).
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      Count blank requests as "bogus commands". · 46985b5b
      rswindell authored
      Throttle bogus command sending clients (one second per bogus command, accumulating).
  14. 14 Aug, 2018 3 commits
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      seem like maybe addrs should be a array · a7c17211
      echicken authored
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      Fix-up js_recvline() based on infinite error/log message report from Nelgin: · 13d22506
      rswindell authored
       term 0087 TLS ERROR 'Unexpected <Unknown type> (24) packet, expected application_data (23)' (-1) popping data
       message repeated 492 times: [ term 0087 TLS ERROR 'Unexpected <Unknown type> (24) packet, expected application_data (23)' (-1) popping data]
      When using TLS with a JS Socket object, if there was any kind of data error,
      the recvline() method would return a blank string rather than null/undefined.
      nntpservice.js just loops when it receives a blank string, so this caused an
      infinite loop (with disk-filling error log messages).
      First change: if no data has been received (i == 0) and there's any kind of
      receive error or timeout or disconnection, just return null. And not undefined,
      but null (!) like in v3.15 (before the great JS engine update of 2000-mumble).
      Also, there appeared to be a JS_RESUMEREQUEST call missing in the TLS error
      return case - so that's another bug fixed.
      Commented on the magic return values for js_sock_read_check()
      and js_socket_recv().
      Simplified js_sock_read_check() return value a tad: let the caller decide if
      they want to do something special based on the value of 'i'.
      Added some comments to make this code more readable.
      We are now no longer treating the different error return values (0 and -1) from
      js_socket_recv() special in this function, but we dont' treat them special in
      any of the other calls in this file/object either, so that seems to be the
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      The timeout parameter to js_socket_recv() is in seconds. I don't think · 8de4c1b7
      rswindell authored
      Deuce really wanted to pass 1000 as a value here (use 1 instead). I don't
      know if this was an observable problem or not, but it certainly *looks*
      like a bug.
  15. 09 Aug, 2018 4 commits
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  17. 07 Aug, 2018 3 commits
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      Incremented version to 3.06 · 9eaf77be
      rswindell authored
      Added version for Bill McGarrity: for each linked-node, a preferred
      local address (AKA) can be specified to be used as the source address
      when creating packets destined for that linked-node. If no local address
      is specified, the previous (best match) logic is used: find an AKA that
      has the same zone and net as the destination address, if none found, use
      the first address with the same zone.
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      If the user number is 0, don't open the user file (user.dat) - the read · ed94a0d6
      rswindell authored
      of the user record is going to fail anyway. *this* explains a lot of
      instances of the user.dat file being open concurrently, at least one per
      active thread with a JS context.
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      js_CreateUserObject(): if passed an internal user_t representation, the · 7cee046f
      rswindell authored
      user data is thusly cached - set the 'cached' property member to TRUE. This
      prevents an unnecessary re-read of the user file and the leaving the user file
      (user.dat) open, at least for JS contexts that contain a "user" object. I don't
      think this explains the "too many open files" errors, but it explains at least
      *some* number of the user.dat open file descriptors.
  18. 03 Aug, 2018 1 commit
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      Don't delete netmail file attachments: just because the netmail was exported · 9ec61d42
      rswindell authored
      to .msg file doesn't mean you should delete the file attachment! The .msg
      file will still be pointing to that file and it needs to be there.
      SBBSecho was silently failing to delete file attachments on my system, so
      I didn't see this problem. Oops. Anyway, this explains Al's problem with
      netmail attachments.