1. 15 Mar, 2018 4 commits
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  4. 12 Mar, 2018 2 commits
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      Remove unused variables. · 86c75e62
      deuce authored
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      Now that we've fixed the zero timeout on rx issue, we can set the rx timeout · 0aa397bc
      deuce authored
      to zero again.  Unfortunately, there appears to be a related bug where the
      TX timeout is sometimes used for RX... that's OK, we'll just set them both
      to zero.
      Also, deal with secondary channels (ie: forwarded ports).  For now, we just
      close these channels any time we get data on them.  In the future, we can
      do scp/sftp pretty easily now... though neither is likely to ever work with
      the sysop account due to the system password requirement.
      This change ABSOLUTELY REQUIRES an updated cryptlib.  Windows guys don't
      update until DigitalMan commits cl.lib or whatever it's called.
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      Add FTPS support. · 666f5e19
      deuce authored
      I wasn't expecting to do this, since SFTP is often viewed as "better", but
      SFTP doesn't have a specification, the implementations don't follow the
      specification drafts that are out there, and the whole sharing a port between
      file transfer and terminal server thing is irritating.
      This has only been tested with lftp, but it seems to work.
  10. 23 Feb, 2018 2 commits
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      Add certificate handling via the CryptCert class. · 01904b00
      deuce authored
      Also add add_public_key() and get_public_key() methods to CryptKeyset.
      Not tested yet, but this should be everything we need to finish up
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      Add CryptKeyset class. · bfcdc66a
      deuce authored
      This class allows saving and loading private keys.  It doesn't currently
      allow saving or loading *public* keys, since they require certificate support
      which we don't yet have in our JavaScript Object Model.
      I'll fix the JSDocs build in a minute.
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  14. 05 Feb, 2018 1 commit
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      sbbs_t::outcom() now retries (1000 times with 80ms delays) if the transmit · 64f260dd
      rswindell authored
      buffer if full. So now everything that uses outcom (including JS
      console.write) now includes a retry. The lower-level non-retry outcom()
      was renamed _outcom() (and is used by outcom).
      Added new Ctrl-A code: Ctrl-AF - enables the blink attribute, but only
      if/when a blink font was activated in the terminal. Lower-case 'f' refers
      to the normal-intensity blink-font. Uppercase 'F' refers to the high
      intensity blink-font. This allows you to mix fonts in text/menu files
      and not have annoying blinking text in non-supporting terminals. This is
      the first Ctrl-A code to be case-sensitive.
  15. 03 Feb, 2018 1 commit
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  19. 12 Jan, 2018 1 commit
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      New @-codes (for currently viewed file): · 464f80c5
      rswindell authored
      - FILE_AREA
      - FILE_LIB
      - FILE_LIB_NUM
      - FILE_DIR
      - FILE_DIR_NUM
      - FILE_NAME
      - FILE_DESC
      - FILE_SIZE
      - FILE_TIME
      - FILE_DATE
      Fixed MSG_ATTR @-code (missing SPAM attribute)
      New text.dat line: FileHdrDescSeparator, displayed between file detail display
      (name, date, uploader, etc.) and extended description, if there is one. This
      is used to execute showfileavatar.js.
      New JS 'bbs' object properties:
      - file_name
      - file_description
      - file_dir_number
      - file_attr
      - file_date
      - file_credits
      - file_uploader
      - file_update_date
      - file_download_date
      - file_download_count
      Inspiried by Lon Seidman's now infamous (but likely common) Synchronet sysop
      blunder (removing a file rather than downloading it while demonstrating his BBS
      on his youtube channel:
      - New text.dat line: RemoveFileQ <- using this rather than the vague:
        AreYouSureQ, when prompting to remove a file
      - The sysop command to remove files from the batch file flagging prompt has
        been changed from 'D' (delete) to 'R' (remove).
      - The 'D' command from the batch file flagging prompt may now be used for
        immediate Download of any flagged file(s).
      - When flagging files with '*', treat the same as '*.*'
  20. 08 Jan, 2018 1 commit
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      Improvements in auto-screen pausing: · 0e7118fa
      rswindell authored
      - If the first lines sent after a key-press are blank lines, don't count them
        in the line-counter (lncntr) - maximize the viewable data before pause.
      - Assume tabs chars are expanded to 8-space tab-stops when detecting auto
        line-wrapped output (e.g. when ;LISTing text files with tabs)
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