1. 11 Apr, 2017 1 commit
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      Another change for Bill: · 79e4c4b7
      rswindell authored
      Added (back) the '-d' command-line option to disable the deletion of processed
      (e.g. imported) inbound netmail messages.
      - This option has no effect if DeleteNetmail is set to "false" in sbbsecho.ini.
      - This option *only* disables deletion of incoming netmail (no effect on
        outbound netmail deletion)
      - In SBBSecho v2, the '-d' option disabled all netmail deletion, even though
        the help output only mentioned "netmail after import" (it was wrong).
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  9. 01 Mar, 2017 4 commits
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      +1 for NULL terminator. · 097a0825
      rswindell authored
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      Fix GCC warnings: · e95e0dae
      rswindell authored
      sbbsecho.h:186:7: warning: array æpktTypeStringListÆ assumed to have one element
      Warning: size of symbol `pktTypeStringList' changed from 8 in .../rechocfg.o
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      Packet Type-2e (FSC-39.4) support: · aace645d
      rswindell authored
      For packet creation, the only difference (from Type-2+) is with packets created
      from point nodes: the origNet field won't be set to 0xffff (as is the case with
      FSC-48, Type-2+ packets). The auxNet field is now always set to the originating
      net (ala Squish) when configured for Type-2+ packet generation.
      When importing Type-2e (FSC-39) packets, the detected/logged packet type may be
      reported as "2e" for valid "2+" packets. This is normal and expected when the
      originating node is not a point and the auxNet field is 0.
      The second set of orig/dest zone fields in a type 2e/2+ pkt header will
      now be used when importing if the old/QM orig/dest zone fields are 0.
      Also, the originating point field may now be imported even if the auxNet field
      is not used (origNet != 0xffff).
      New umask sbbsecho.ini configuration option (global), maybe used to over-ride
      the default *nix file creation mode mask (077), similar to sbbs.ini.
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      Changes in comments only: · dbaa70bc
      rswindell authored
      Use more formal terminology (e.g. "Type-2", not "type 2.0").
  10. 27 Feb, 2017 2 commits
  11. 24 Feb, 2017 1 commit
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      2 Area-fix changes with regards to "pass-through areas": · 62f7e8ed
      rswindell authored
      - %RESCAN returns a different failure result if the requested echo is a
      pass-through area (cannot be rescanned)
      - %UNLINKED will return only the unlinked echoes even when an "additional
      echolist" is utliized and the linked areas are all pass-through (for Bill).
  12. 21 Feb, 2017 2 commits
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      Fix potential crash (stack corruption) in qwk_route() reported by Hemo: · 2ff51deb
      rswindell authored
      If what appears to be a QWKnet addressed was passed, but the QWK-ID portion was
      exactly 9 characters, a 1-byte stack corruption would occur as the 10-char
      local variable (node) could be written with 11 chars (9-char QWK-ID, colon,
      null). The reported issue happend when attempting to send netmail to
      "hemo@ujointbbs" which is neither a valid Internet email address or a valid
      QWKnet address.
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      Version 0.16 beta: Added a main menu option to display poll stats - Lists the... · f9a83a63
      nightfox authored
      Version 0.16 beta: Added a main menu option to display poll stats - Lists the polls by highest number of votes (highest first), and for each one, lists the answer(s) with the highest number of votes (highest first).
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      Added IPv4 CIDR notation support to all filter (*.can) files via the functions: · 26524908
      rswindell authored
      findstr() and findstr_in_list().
      This means that rather than listing an IP address range using the traditional
      wildcard characters (e.g. "192.168.1.*"), you could specify a subnet range
      using CIDR notation (e.g. "").
      The '!' prefix is supported for CIDR match lines (for negated match results),
      but no other wildcard/match characters are (e.g. '^', '~', or '*').
      You can mix and match traditional match lines and CIDR match lines in the same
      filter file.
      IPv6 CIDR notation is not yet supported.
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