1. 06 May, 2019 2 commits
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      MIME header fields are case-insensitive. <sigh> · 7c0dbbb4
      rswindell authored
      So replace some strstr() calls with either (new local function) strStartWith_i()
      or strcasestr(), depending.
      strStartWith_i() return length of the matched word, so no need to sprinkle
      about magic numeric constants everywhere. The extra calls to strlen() are worth
      the code clarity / reliability, methinks.
      TODO: find out if there's a way to calculate the length of string-constants at
      compile-time (?).
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      The Win32 implementation of strcasestr() defined here is currently very · a0067415
      rswindell authored
      heavy-handed (performs strdup/malloc's and modifications of the strings),
      so a temporary hack is to perform a case-sensitive search (using the standard
      strstr() function) first. The results won't exactly match the traditional
      strstr() and the performance improvement is only for positive matches
      (where the correct case was guessed in the passed 'needle' string arg).
      TODO: re-write or copy a good/fast strcasestr() implementation for Win32 builds.
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