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      Enhancement at the request of Nightfox: · d57c3830
      rswindell authored
      Optionally, external modules may be executed in place of "built-in" operations
      - reading mail (email or netmail)
      - scanning posts (searching/scanning/reading a single sub-board)
      - scanning sub-boards (all, one, or a group)
      Each of these may be configured (in SCFG->System->Loadable Modules)
      with command-line options for a total length of up to 63 characters.
      Note to module programmers: each module here will be passed additional
      command-line arguments to indicate how or why the user operation was invoked.
      For the Reading Mail module, the 'which' value (in decimal) and the user-number
      is passed (in decimal). Usually the user-number will be the current user logged
      in, but not always (e.g. if the user is a sysop and reading other user's mail).
      The 'which' values (defined in load/sbbsdefs.js) of MAIL_YOUR, MAIL_SENT,
      and MAIL_ALL must be handled (MAIL_ANY won't be used).
      For the Scan Posts module, the sub-board number and scan mode (both in decimal)
      and the 'find' string (text being searched for) are passed as arguments
      (in that order). The scan mode values (defined in sbbsdefs.js) are the same as
      those supported by bbs.scan_posts(). All of the values should be supported
      and they can be combined (e.g. SCAN_CONST|SCAN_NEW
      and SCAN_NEW|SCAN_TOYOU). The 'find' string is only used if the SCAN_FIND mode
      bit is set. It is the responsibilty of the module (if configured) to enforce
      sub-board read access restrictions.
      For the Scan Subs module, the first argument is 1 if "all subs" are being
      scanned, 0 otherwise (normally the user is prompted for the breadth of the
      scan in this case, but that's up to the module author), and the scan 'mode' is
      passed in decimal, in that order. If the SCAN_FIND mode flag is passed in, this
      module should prompt the user for the text string to search for. If this module
      is not configured, the Scan Posts module will be executed for each sub-board
      Recursion protection was added, so it is actually possible for the Read Mail
      module, for example, to call bbs.read_mail() and it'll work, but why would you?
      If any of these user operations are initiated during logon, at the request of
      Baja or JavaScript module, or whatever, and if the module is actually
      configured (and not already executing to handle the operation), the module
      will be executed in-place-of the built-in functionality. Feedback welcome,
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      Enhancement: most question-type text.dat entries are now optional. · 77a2cda0
      rswindell authored
      That is, if any of the following text.dat entries are set to a blank/emtpy
      string (by editing ctrl/text.dat or via run-time script modification), the
      question will not be asked of the user allowing greater sysop-customization
      of hard-coded processes (e.g. new user application):
      AddSubToNewScanQ (new)
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      Don't allow replies to messages with the "NoReply" attribute set. · 5aadeb4d
      rswindell authored
      Don't prompt for "delete mail from everyone" when there is only one e-mail
      waiting for the user.
      Use some existing text.dat entries (some old and some recently added) where
      identical static strings were still being used for no apparent reason.
      Added several text.dat entries for the QWK settings menu, node status, and
      some other single-line messages (replacing static strings).
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      More local logon kruft removal. · 15442b2f
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      ARS improvements: · 1cdf2c10
      rswindell authored
      Added HOST and IP keywords to allow restricted access/privileges to/for
      specific remote hostnames or IP addresses (wildcards allowed).
      All string-argument type ARS keywords (e.g. SHELL, PROT, etc.) now support .can
      style wildcards.
      The current remote client is now used for protocol, host, and IP ARS checking,
      when available, so this requires passing the client pointer around (which
      explains why so many files are touched by this change) and takes care of a
      long standing to-do item (the user's 'modem' value was used for the PROT
      value checking, which was not always correct).
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