1. 08 Oct, 2019 1 commit
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      Make center() less destructive: · da0f2a1a
      rswindell authored
      Use cursor-right movement rather than spaces for left-margin.
      Don't do the clear-to-EOL thing added in previous commit.
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      sbbs_t::center() and thusly JS console.center() now accepts an optional · 77f2c366
      rswindell authored
      "width" argument (in columns), defaults the user's current screen column-width
      but you can now over-ride this value when an additional/optional argument.
      Also, center() now clears-to-EOL before sending the CRLF to the terminal.
      Hopefully this doesn't mess up anyone's existing use of center().
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      More UTF-8 fun: · 3313a87e
      rswindell authored
      - bstrlen() moved to sbbs_t, accepts an option pmode argument so it can account
        for UTF-8 encoded strings correctly
      - JS console.strlen() now accepts an optional pmode argument (e.g. P_UTF8)
      - Renamed sbbs_t::utf8_to_cp437 to sbbs_t::print_utf8_as_cp437
      - Create/use msghdr_hfield() to perform UTF-8->CP437 conversions as needed for
        printing/copying UTF-8 encoded message header fields.
      - Defined XTRN_UTF8 misc setting flag. If a message editor does *not* have this
        flag, it is assumed to *not* support UTF-8. Will likely use this for UTF-8
        doors as some point too (none known to exist, yet).
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  9. 24 Jul, 2019 2 commits
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      More UTF-8 goodness: · 52d5659f
      rswindell authored
      - Export all FIDOCTRL (other FTN kludge lines) to the QWK HEADERS.DAT file.
        These should already be imported if they exist, but were never added during
        export, so untested/new behavior. The control paragraph (kludge line) of
        specific interest here is the "CHRS" (charset) kludge we need for UTF-8.
      - Don't use the QWK "newline" character (0xE3) when the message is UTF-8.
        Use bare-LF's instead. This is pretty untested at this point as I will need
        another QWKnet board to post or receive UTF-8 encoded messages to test,
        getting the code into CVS is the first step. At least for now, there's no
        opt-in/out for this behavior. If your BBS has UTF-8 encoded messages, some
        QWK nodes or offline readers may have trouble with packets which include
        those messages. Or they may work fine (but likely display garbage CP437
        chars in-place of the proper Unicode codepoint glyph).
      - The beginning of UTF-8 input support in getstr() - which needs more work,
        particularly around character and word deletion and insertion.
      - The internal message editor now supports UTF-8 messages and kind of somewhat
        supports inputting UTF-8 characters in message text.
      New put/print text flag: P_AUTO_UTF8 which can auto-detect UTF8 strings and
      do the "right thing" for the user's terminal. New associated sbbs_t method:
      auto_utf8() which automatically sets P_UTF8 for any stirng that begins with
      a UTF-8 BOM (ZWNBSP). Else, if the P_AUTO_UTF8 mode flag is set, then
      it checks to see if the string contains invalid US-ASCII chars but valid UTF-8
      sequences and then sets P_UTF8 accordingly. Used by putmsg() and bputs().
      There's a new permuation of bprintf() which accepts a mode argument
      (i.e. for P_UTF8) and passes it on to the new mode-capable bputs().
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      Moved cp437_unicode_tbl and unicode_is_zerowidth() to (new file) unicode.c. · 1340f563
      rswindell authored
      New function (derived from sbbs_t::utf8_to_cp437()): unicode_to_cp437()
      New utf8 functions: utf8_replace_chars(), utf8_str_is_valid().
      utf8_getc() enhancement: val arg may be NULL (for length/validation uses).
      Convert quoted UTF-8 message text to CP437 when terminal is not UTF8.
      Set Fido CHRS: UTF-8 header field when posted message is UTF-8.
  14. 06 Jul, 2019 3 commits
  15. 28 Jun, 2019 1 commit
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      Initial support for UTF-8 terminals. At this time, just performs charset · 11d3f59f
      rswindell authored
      translation from CP437 -> UTF-8 and only when using high-level text output
      functions - so the output from native/DOS doors and scripts that use low-level
      output methods won't be translated.
      UTF-8 is auto-detected (only) at this time during answer (before login) by
      sending a ZWNBSP and checking (via ANSI) if the cursor position moved - an
      idea "borrowed" from Ozz Nixon (aka SqZ).
      This commit requires the new "encode" library (src/encode), so you may need
      to perform a cvs checkout to get that module!
  16. 09 May, 2019 1 commit
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      Support bright background colors: · 48e7520e
      rswindell authored
      - for PETSCII, this is automatic and you don't lose blink, but you do lose
        colored foreground when enabling a bright background ("reverse video")
      - for ANSI, this mode is typically referred to as "iCE colors" and disables
        blinking-text support
      - Ctrl-AE (^AE) is the new attribute code to enable bright-background
        (will have no effect on ANSI terminals that are not iCE color enabled)
        "E" is now valid in the ctrl/attr.cfg file and string values for JS
        console.attributes assignments, as well
      - Ctrl-AI (^AI) - blink - now does nothing for ANSI/ICE color terminals
        (blinking is not supported in combination with bright-background)
      - Using a new/non-standard CGA attribute bit-flag to indicate the selection of
        bright-background colors (BG_BRIGHT, bit 10), separate from BLINK.
        This change required all/most char/uchar attribute representations to be
        converted to int/uint.
      New text.dat strings:
      - PetTerminalDetected (renamed from PetTermDetected)
      - PetTerminalQ
      - TerminalAutoDetect
      - TerminalColumns
      - TerminalRows
      - TerminalMonochrome
      - TerminalColor
      - TerminalIceColor
      - IceColorTerminalQ
      This also moved the MsgCarbonCopyList definition to the end of the file
      for now.
      PETSCII reverse-video attribute fix:
      When a CR is sent to the terminal, the reverse-video attibute is auto-disabled
      so update our "current attribute" (curatr) value to match the remote.
      Support new printfile/putmsg mode flag: P_WRAP to force an ungraceful
      line-wrap (splitting) to the specified column width. If no column width is
      specified (0), then this mode will force an ungraceful wrap before the last
      terminal column where some terminals *may* auto-wrap.
      JS console.printfile() and printtail() methods now support an optional
      "orig_columns" argument, similar to console.putmsg(). Must specify P_WORDWRAP
      or P_WRAP for this argument to have any effect.
      Much improved terminal-type selection/configuration in the user defaults
      menu and abort (^C) at any of the yes/no prompts is now detected/handled much
      better (to answers to the prompted questions are not saved to the user
  17. 06 May, 2019 1 commit
  18. 04 May, 2019 1 commit
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      Added a new sbbs_t.console (JS console.status) flag: CON_CR_CLREOL, which · 0dcfd4ff
      rswindell authored
      when set, force a clear-to-end-of-line sequence to be sent to the remote
      terminal before sending a carriage-return (CR, '\r') character. This is useful
      in scenarios where you want to move/home the cursor and *not* clear the screen
      and then display or execute something that assumes clean lines are being
      displayed on and thus wouldn'd bother with any clear-to-eol sequences before
      Any scripts that enable this mode should disable it upon exit (e.g. using
      js.on_exit() to restore the original console status).
  19. 28 Apr, 2019 1 commit
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      Introduce a user setting (misc flag) which informs sbbs that the terminal · c187e140
      rswindell authored
      will be sending 0x7f (DEL) when the backspace key is struck: SWAP_DELETE
      For example, xterm sends 0x7f when backspace and hit and an ANSI escape
      sequence when the DEL key is hit.
      I don't yet have a way to *enable* this setting.
      Also, allow the user's setting of NO_EXASCII to take effect even when
      auto-terminal type detection is used (yes, the user's terminal can support
      ANSI and *not* CP437).
  20. 19 Feb, 2019 1 commit
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      Re-work the column-counting in outchar(). · 27c9842c
      rswindell authored
      I noticed that printable ctrl chars (e.g. 0x18 and 0x19) were not causing the
      current column position to increment, so that got me looking at this code and
      wondering why the LF/FF checking was outside the if(!outchar_esc) condition
      and being executed when CON_R_ECHO is off. So now, using a switch statement,
      it's cleaner and all the printable ctrl chars move the current column position
  21. 11 Jan, 2019 1 commit
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      A partial retraction of the Ctrl-AZ interpretation changes introduced on · b2412964
      rswindell authored
      It turns out, PabloDraw actually inserts a Ctrl-AZ sequence at the end of .msg
      (and presumably Synchronet .asc) files it edits - before the SAUCE record.
      This resulted in a printed Ctrl-Z character (arrow pointing right) in most
      terminals when viewing text/menu files created or edited with PabloDraw. :-(
      So, now Ctrl-AZ (uppercase) will revert to the previous definition:
      premature end-of-file (EOF)
      and a Ctrl-Az (lowercase) will output a Ctrl-Z (substitute) character.
      I'm not a big fan of case-sensitive Ctrl-A codes, but frankly, running out of
      chars and I already started this pattern with the Ctrl-AF/f sequences.
      Hopefully there's no existing software that is/was putting Ctrl-Az (lowercase)
      in files, expecting that to trigger a premature EOF. I certainly was not.
  22. 30 Oct, 2018 1 commit
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      External programs that are "binary" in nature (e.g. file transfer protocols) · be7d06bc
      rswindell authored
      now have their output translated to PETSCII equivalents for PETSCII terminals
      (but input is not yet translated).
      .seq files are now sent untranslated via printfile() and putmsg() to PETSCII
      terminals (using the new P_PETSCII putmsg mode flag).
      .seq files (and P_PETSCII mode text printed via putmsg) is now converted
      (poorly) from PETSCII to CP437 - this is still a work-in-progress.
      Remove the remants of WIP and HTMLterm support from putmsg() and printfile().
  23. 25 Oct, 2018 1 commit
  24. 22 Oct, 2018 1 commit
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      The big PETSCII commit: · 31303187
      rswindell authored
      So Omegix recently asked in the Synchronet Discussion group whether or not
      a PETSCII (Commodore) terminal could be used to access his Synchronet BBS.
      Now, the answer is "Yes". :-)
      The major issues addressed:
      - detecting a PETSCII terminal, solved by assigning specific (configurable):
        TCP ports to be used for incoming PETSCII connections, by default:
        port 64 is for 40-column PETSCII and port 128 is for 80-column PETSCII,
        but if the terminal sends a Telnet Window Size reply (e.g. SyncTERM), then
        either size terminal should fine on either port.
        The port numbers are configurable in the [BBS] section of your sbbs.ini
        file using the new keys: PET40Port (default value: 64) and PET80Port
        (default value: 128). Having these keys set doesn't make make the terminal
        server listen on that additional port - you'll need to add more
        IP:port combinations to one of Interfaces values, example:
        And you don't have to use Telnet for the PETSCII connections - you could use
        RLogin or SSH instead (or in addition).
      - support for terminal widths < 80 columns:
        This was achieved through a combination of text.dat changes (numerous),
        new Ctrl-A and @-codes and new optional terminal-width-specific menu files
        (e.g. text/menu/main.40col.asc)
        A side effect of these changes is actually better support for terminals
        *wider* than 80 columns as well!
      - support for terminals that don't expand tabs to spaces (e.g. PETSCII):
        The terminal server now handles tab expansion with a run-time settable
        tab-size (default size: 8)
      - conditional access based on PETSCII (or small) terminal use (or not):
        + New PETSCII ARS keyword (boolean)
        + New COLS and ROWS ARS keywords (for terminal width and height requirements)
        + New TERM (string) ARS keyword
      New @-codes:
        - WORDWRAP, when placed at the top of a file, enables auto-wordwrap for
                    lines longer than the terminal width
        - CENTER, the text following before an end of line will be displayed centered
                  on the terminal (whatever the width, in columns)
        - CLEAR, like CLS, except it ignores (doesn't display) a CRLF that follows
        - COLS, current number of terminal columns (width)
        - ROWS, current number of terminal rows (height)
        - TERM, the auto-detected or reported terminal type (e.g. ANSI, TTY, etc.)
        - SYSONLY, toggles "echo" (display) off/back-on for non-sysops
                  similar to the Ctrl-A( and ) codes, but more convenient to use
                  (and PabloDraw won't strip the @-code from the file like it does
                   with Ctrl-A codes it doesn't support)
      New Ctrl-A codes:
        - \ conditional new-line/continuation when the terminal width is < 80 cols
            prints the new text.dat string LongLineContinuationPrefix
      yesno() will now return true if passed a blank string.
      noyes() will now return false if passed a blank string.
      getstr()'s input length limiting based on terminal width is more broadly
                 applied now (not just when using the K_LINE mode flag).
      New JS bbs object method: menu_exists(<base_filename>) returns Boolean
      New JS console object property: tabstop (Number)
      New JS console object methods: getbyte() and putbyte() to recv/send raw byte
          value with (very little) interpretation/intervention by the terminal server
      New JS console object method: creturn() - performs a carriage return
          (or equivalent)
      New JS (and C) printfile() mode flag: P_TRUNCATE, causes long lines to be
          truncated, rather than displaying causing a line-wrap.
      New text.dat strings:
        - NoAccessTerminal (for ARS check failures)
        - LongLineContinuationPrefix (for breaking long lines for 40col terminals)
        - Scanning (replaces a previously hard-coded "Scanning" string)
        - Done (replaces a previusly hard-coded "Done")
        - Scanned  (when finished scannning, clears the progress bar)
  25. 15 Oct, 2018 1 commit
  26. 11 Oct, 2018 1 commit
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      Since rev 1.27 of prntfile.cpp (Sept-30), the stock scanmsg.asc menu · dc49cd42
      rswindell authored
      ('?' from the Reading Messages prompt) would not fully display because
      it contains a Ctrl-Z character (for the right-arrow symbol). Rather than
      revert the menu() change (where CPM-EOF mode is the default for menu
      files) - change the Ctrl-AZ sequence from "premature end-of-file" to instead
      send an actual Ctrl-Z character (similiar to Ctrl-AA, Ctrl-AL, etc.). This
      changes the long-standing behavior of what Ctrl-AZ does, but since that was
      a dubious "feature" that I'm pretty sure nobody used, I'm will to take that
      chance. If you need a premature EOF now, just use a regular ole Ctrl-Z
      char instead (or even the @eof@ code). Of course the msgscan.asc now has
      to change accordingly.
  27. 09 Oct, 2018 1 commit
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      Replaced the set of (ancient) arrays used for saving/restoring lines of · 3289d561
      rswindell authored
      terminal text and attributes with a linked-list. In doing so:
      - the save depth is no longer fixed (at 4), but dynamic and unbounded
      - the current column position is also saved/restored (bug fix)
      - no more copy/pasta from sbbsdefs.h into js_console.cpp
      - the JS console.saveline() and restore() methods now return Bool to indicate
      Also, some trailing white-space was auto-removed due to local editor settings.
  28. 15 Aug, 2018 1 commit