1. 20 Sep, 2019 4 commits
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      New @-codes (for The Millionaire): · 8a3d8d2c
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      - FILESIZE - total file size in an auto-rounded value with suffix (B/K/M/G)
      - FILEBYTES - total file size in bytes
      - FILEKB - total file size in kibibytes
      - FILEMB - total file size in mebibytes
      - FILEGB - total file size in gibibytes
      All of the above default to the current file transfer directory path from where
      to find / calculate the sizes of files. Only files that exist in the actual
      storage directory are counted (offline files or file in alt. file paths are not
      All of the above support 2 alternate syntaxes:
      FILE*:<dir-code> where <dir-code> is the internal code of a file directory, or
      FILE*:<path[/file-spec]> where <path> is a directory path and [/file-spec] is
      an optinal file name/specification (i.e. w/wildcards).
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      Added getfilesizetotal() which calculates the total size of all files matching · e7c6c5cb
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      the specified path and (optional) wildcards.
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      Added 2 new @-codes for the Millionaire: · 6c08c18c
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      - FILES
      - FILES:<code>
      I couldn't get out of him whether he wanted the total number of files in the
      *current* directory or a sysop-specified directory, so I just added both.
      I don't have an easy way to calculate the total bytes used for all files
      in a directory, so punt on that feature request for now.
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      Clarify that conio object is only available in JSexec. · e9195eb9
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      Fixed typo.
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