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  7. 12 Jul, 2019 2 commits
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      Add more control sequences: · c9432ec2
      deuce authored
      CSI Pn Y - Cursor Line Tabulation
      CSI Pn SP c - Tab Stop Remove
      CSI Pn k - Line Position Backward
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      Add more standard sequences. · 07a6e853
      deuce authored
      CSI Pn b (Repeat previous char)
      	Actually mildly useful... repeat any character.
      CSI Ps d (Line position absolute)
      	Moves to a specific row without changing column.
      	Mildly useful.
      CSI Pn a (Cursor forward)
      	Identical to CSI Pn C
      CSI Pn ` (Absolute position in line)
      	Identical to CSI Pn G
      ESC H (Add Tab Stop)
      	ie: Break everything else that uses tabs this session.
      CSI Pn g (Clear Tabs)
      	ie: Break everything else that uses tabs this session.
      CSI 2 $ w (Request Tab Report)
      	So, maybe it can be fixed after you break it!  Yay!
      ESC M (Reverse Line Feed)
      	Basically up one line.  Not really useful since we have cursor up.
      CSI Ps e (Line position relative)
      	Identical to CSI Pn B
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      XTerm does *not* support CSI 38 ; 2 ; Z ; R ; G ; B m · f0849be7
      deuce authored
      It supports:
      CSI 38 : 2 : Z : R : G : B m
      CSI 38 : 2 : R : G : B m
      CSI 38 ; 2 : Z : R : G : B m
      CSI 38 ; 2 : R : G : B m
      CSI 38 ; 2 ; R ; G ; B m
      Where Z is an ignored colorspace identifier.  For compatability, I'll likely
      add support for the colon-separated variants "soon", but for now just support
      the semi-colon one.
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      Add support for two different 24-bit colour methods. · f68d65e8
      deuce authored
      1) XTerm using semicolons.  CSI 38/48 ; 2 ; 0 ; R ; G ; B m
      2) PabloDraw/TundraDraw. CSI 0/1 ; R ; G ; B m
      These use a temporary internal palette of 15840 entries to ensure what's
      on the screen is correct.  Scrollback data may be incorrect however.
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      Sixel updates. · 0f097996
      deuce authored
      1) The colour values are expressed as a percentage, not a 0-255 value.
      2) Implement CSI ? 80 h/l to set/reset the sixel scrolling mode (defaults to
      3) Document sixel commands.
      4) Combine the extended set/reset mode commands in the documentation now
         that multiple modes can be set or reset with a single sequence.
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      Attempt to fix CSI ? s/n · 3c977879
      deuce authored
      These basically never worked as documented.  Now they should, but they can't
      save/restore the doorway mode setting since it's not set/cleared using
      CSI ? h/l.  If that's really needed (you need to know the doorway state
      regardless, so it's more likely that a query doorway command is needed if
      anything) it can be added as a separate command.
  19. 28 Jan, 2018 2 commits
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      Some minor changes to DigitalMan's CSI = Ps... n implementation. · 41902b20
      deuce authored
      1) Use a functional default (1) for P1.
      2) Respond with an empty P2 parameter if nothing is set.
      3) Only respond if there is a single parameter.  If there is more than one,
         it's not a request.
      While we're here, clean up the formatting of cterm.txt.
      Tabs for indentation, spaces for alignment, don't wrap with 80-column
      displays using 8-char tabs (default with more).  The ECMA-048 reference
      will always wrap however.
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      Deuce didn't like the font and video/emu mode state information tacked onto · edb6ed5d
      rswindell authored
      the DA response, so I added 2 new requests: CSI=1n and CSI=2n which query
      a state report from the terminal (for font state or video/emu mode), the same
      information returned in the DA in the previous rev, but in a format more in
      line with the corresponding CSI? N h/l requests (no bit checking required).
  20. 24 Jan, 2018 2 commits
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      So, change the order of the fields in the DA a little and added the 4 alt-font · 5f7171dc
      rswindell authored
      slot numbers that have been successfully set by the server.
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      Added 4 additional fields to the Device Attributes response: · cd3b8411
      rswindell authored
      - first available loadable-font slot number (e.g. 43)
      - result of previous "select font" request (0 = success)
      - current video mode flags (e.g. high-intensity background)
      - current emulation mode flags (e.g. cursor visible, doorway mode)
      These are to aid the server (BBS) in making better use of advanced features,
      namely alternative/loadable fonts and high-intensity background colors (aka iCE
      colors). Being able to detect when these features are supported and working as
      intended is vital in providing a smooth/automated BBS experience which is
      automatically enhanced, when possible (supported by the client) and does not
      interfere with legacy (non-enhanced client) users.
      Even better would be a command that tells the server:
      if the server were to attempt a request 'X', it would likely work.
      Instead, we have to try request 'X' and then query the device attributes to
      find out if it actually worked, which is better than nothing (or asking the
      poor user to tell the BBS whether it worked or not).
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